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Khloé Kardashian Shares A Workout Video To Send A Badass Message To Mom-Shamers

Nearly every pregnant woman receives unsolicited advice at some time or another, and it's even worse for those in the public eye. But the newest celebrity mom-to-be is shutting down critics right away: Khloé Kardashian shared a workout video after being mom-shamed for exercising while pregnant, because what she's doing is absolutely fine for her baby. In fact, it's actually recommended. Armchair OB-GYNs, you've been put on notice.

Kardashian confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy last week, and later shared with fans that she's six months along with boyfriend Tristan Thompson's baby. This is Kardashian's first child, and Thompson's second. His son, Prince Thompson, just turned 1 earlier this month. Kardashian often shares gym videos on Snapchat, and just because she's expecting, that's not going to stop her. After a fan questioned her routine on Tuesday, tweeting that it "can cause some trauma for this little baby," Kardashian set the record straight: "No it cannot! My doctor has instructed me to do so. Why does everyone on social media think they are a physician?? Why would I do anything to do that? If you don't know mind your business." On Thursday, she hit the gym again with her sister, Kourtney, and once again, she proudly showed off her moves.

While some high-risk pregnancies require restricted physical activities, and there are certainly some types of exercise that aren't ideal for any pregnant women (kickboxing comes to mind), exercise can and should be part of a healthy pregnancy, as long as it's cleared by the woman's doctor. Twitter followers, unfortunately, do not get a say in the matter. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising during pregnancy can reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, swelling, and excess weight gain. It can also increase energy levels (which, trust me, are definitely low when you're creating a human being 24/7), and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

That doesn't mean that you should spend your whole pregnancy at Planet Fitness, though. Some conditions, like preeclampsia, anemia, and preterm labor make exercise risky. But for most pregnant women, moderate, low-impact exercise is healthier than lying around on the couch eating ice cream, even if it's not quite as enjoyable. Kardashian, however, seems to be enjoying herself, and since an actual medical professional charged with her care has told her that it's OK, she clearly isn't looking for any input from internet randos, even if they claim to have her "little baby's" best interests at heart.

It's frustrating, yet unsurprising, that Kardashian's introduction to mom-shaming has begun before she's even given birth, and only days after announcing that she's expecting. People feel completely justified in saying all kinds of things to pregnant women, from making comments on their bodies, to asking personal questions, to telling them what they should or shouldn't be doing, eating, or planning on doing. I personally received a "how dare you?" for consuming a diet soda while gestating my son, who, for what it's worth, was born with one head, 10 fingers, and 10 toes, thank you very much.

And if history serves, it's only going to get worse once that baby arrives. Kardashian's sister, Kim, has been mom-shamed for using what fans (incorrectly) assumed was an improper car seat and dressing her daughter in high-fashion clothing. Kourtney, meanwhile, has been criticized for spending time away from her children and letting her daughter wear jewelry. Whether Khloé chooses to formula-feed or breastfeed, share photos of her child online or not, stay at home with the baby or work, she's bound to catch hell from the haters for it. It's all part of being a mom, unfortunately. Luckily, her older sisters are great role models for how to handle rude comments while parenting in public: DGAF.

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