baby in nicu swaddled in mom's arms
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Nominate Your NICU To Win 5 Coveted MamaRoo Baby Swings — The Nurses Will Love You

If you've had an experience worth sharing with the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at your local hospital, now's the time to show your appreciation. Did the staff go above and beyond to make your family's (undoubtedly stressful) time at the NICU a little easier? If this is the case, use the 'Nominate a NICU' program to receive free mamaRoo baby swings for your hospital. It's a simple way to support the staff (and babies) in your own NICU.

In honor of NICU Awareness Month this September, the company 4moms will donate $10,000 in mamaRoo4 infant seats to 10 NICUs across the United States (thats 5 seats per winner). These hi-tech seats (which retail for $219.99) help soothe babies with motions that mimic the movements of being in a parent's arms, and they can help the NICU hospital staff immensely. The giveaway will take place in partnership with Project Sweet Peas, a nonprofit organization that provides support to NICU families. Families and hospital employees are invited to share stories about their own NICU at 4moms Nominate a NICU, and nominations are accepted through September 30. Submission stories and the number of times a location gets nominated will help determine which hospitals will be on the receiving end, so sharing your own experiences may do a lot to help out your local hospital.

September is designated NICU Awareness Month, and the tiny patients in these sections of the hospital are fighting incredible battles all year long. Sharing your story for the 'Nominate a NICU' program can help highlight the difference healthcare workers make every day, as well as offer comfort and support to these deserving infants.