This Totally Whimsical Bubble Wand Necklace Will *Make* Your Teen's Holiday

Christmas gifts look a lot different when your daughter is a teen. The baby dolls, colorful building blocks, and stuffed animals that brought her so much joy as toddler have long been replaced with clothing, new tech gadgets, and beauty products. But this year, why not gift your daughter with a throwback to those Christmases of the past. This bubble wand necklace from L.A.-based Ready-Made is the sweetest gift your tween or teen will adore (as will you).

I'm not sure about you, but when I was a teenager, I wasn't exactly gentle with my jewelry. I was known to wear my jewelry in the shower and dump it into treadmill cupholders at the gym. Hopefully your teen is a bit more responsible than I was, but regardless, the Ready-Made brand is a wonderful option. This brand prides itself on creating strong, durable jewelry, made from stainless steel and tinite, that can be worn in all circumstances. "Our non-traditional materials translates to jewelry that is not only strong and durable, but also fade, tarnish, and chip-free," states their website. "You can wear Ready-Made on perfumed and lotioned skin, to the gym, and even in the shower." In other words, this jewelry can easily survive a rough and tumble teenager, or a hands-on mom.

Ready-Made's "Bubble Wand" Necklace is part of their genius collection called Ode to the Nineties. "These are relics, mementos, playthings (that are all-grown-up and sophisticated), throwbacks to the nostalgic past but also reminders to appreciate the journey of 'growing up' and getting to where we are today," explained Ready-Made on their website.

Remember those plastic wands that came in those colorful bottles of bubbles that every child in America has played with at some point in time? Those little wands inevitably got lost in the soapy mixture (every time!) and everyone was covered in stickiness by the end. It was worth the mess, of course, as these wands had the power to turn any backyard or driveway into a bubble-filled wonderland. Those little wands were the inspiration for the "Bubble Wand" design, which comes in rose gold, silver, and gold, and in both necklace and bracelet form. The website notes that the soap concoction is not included... thankfully!

The "Bubble Wand" Necklace is 13 inches long (including the pendant) with a three-inch long extender chain. The "Bubble Wand" Bracelet is 5.25 inches long (including the pendant) with a two-inch long extender chain. Both chain and wand design are dainty and delicate, perfect for wearing alone for a minimalist look or layered with a few of their other favorite necklaces and bracelets.

Check out both pieces on Ready-Made's website; the Bubble Wand necklace is $80 and the Bubble Wand Bracelet is $65 and available in silver, gold, and rose gold. However, you can save a good chunk of change right now using the code READYMADE30 – that takes 30 percent off both items, saving you $24 on the necklace and almost $20 on the bracelet. I love a good deal.

The days of backyard bubbles with your children might be behind you, but those feelings don't have to be. This grown-up take on a childhood throwback is the perfect Christmas present for your teen who, let's be real, will always be your bubble-blowing baby.

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