By Anuj Panchal

Romper is a site for a new generation of women figuring out what motherhood means for us.

Romper chronicles that crazy adventure — its highs and its lows — in a way that’s thoughtful, honest, and fun. Here, you’ll find personal stories, life hacks, expert advice, celebrity news and interviews, recipes, fashion and beauty tips, and daily coverage of the issues you and we care about most — not just as parents but as people. We get that we're all still who we were before we had kids, just with less time to hang out and the best possible incentive to get our acts together.

Our team of writers and editors, like our readers, come to parenting from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Whether you’re a single mom, your kid has special needs, you’re LGBT, you adopted, your family is multiracial or blended, you work outside your house, you're with your kids all day, you always wanted to be a mom, or it happened unexpectedly, only you know your life. What we share is an interest in what we can learn from each other and, especially, the voices that don't always get heard.

We're psyched about motherhood — and a lot of other things, too.

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