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Amber Tamblyn Is Basically The Coolest Mom Ever

Actress and poet Amber Tamblyn has a lot to celebrate lately: She just got a new two-book deal with Harper Perennial, the film she directed will be in theaters this April, and she just became a new mom! Fans of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star already know that she's one rad feminist bard, but there have been plenty of signs that Amber Tamblyn will be a great mom, too — and it all started with her moving essay in Glamour on motherhood during divisive times in the country, all while casually mentioning that oh bee tee dubs, she was going to be a mom, too.

On Monday, Tamblyn announced the birth of her daughter named... well, more on that in a bit — with husband and comedian David Cross. (Tamblyn's Instagram followers may know Cross better by her pet name for her beau: #worsthusbandever.) The Instagram announcement was an adorable short video of her newborn daughter wiggling her toes. Amber Tamblyn's baby's name however, well — I'll just let you suss it out yourself: Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Funkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey Jr.

It's all a joke, obvs — but that's just one of many signs that Tamblyn is going to be the cool mom. Here are a few more signs that "Dauphinoise" already has one of the dopest moms in Hollywood.

She Brought Her Unborn Daughter To The Women's March On Washington While Super Pregnant

Given Baby Tamblyn-Bey Jr. was probably born within the last week, that would have meant that Tamblyn herself was probably rounding out her last month of pregnancy when she headed to the Womens March on Washington. Late-stage pregnancy is pretty uncomfortable — but hey, so is the oppression of women, amirite? Tamblyn tweeted her intention to participate in the Women's March showing that the resistance is a family affair: "Me and my unborn daughter and a million others across the country. Good luck blocking that, @SpeakerRyan." Tamblyn marched with hundreds of thousands of women — and her unborn daughter — swollen ankles and all.

She Multitasks Like A Boss

"Deleted my Uber account. Wrote a new poem in collaboration with Ed Ruscha. Watched my baby do a somersault in my stomach," Tamblyn tweeted in late January. "So far so good." Tamblyn wears many hats: Progressive activist, poet, actress, and all-around tough feminist cookie — and she manages to do it all in stride and make it look effortless at the same time. Tamblyn will hardly skip a beat now that she's added motherhood into the mix.

She's Already Cultivating Her Child's Inner Child

Amber Tamblyn as Red Sonja for Halloween meets the resistance: Yup, Baby Mustard Witch already has one badass mom.

She Goes On Adorable Date Nights With Her Mom

Tamblyn and her mom are close, and sadly share an experience shared by one in six women in this country: sexual assault. Their shared pain only reiterates their tight mother-daughter bond, and the pair certainly enjoy lighter moments and experiences together, too — like a date night at Lincoln Center. If her relationship with her mom is any indication, Baby Scheherazade Von Funkinstein is in good, caring, loving hands.

She Wrote An Amazing Poem About Lindsay Lohan

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Tamblyn's latest book of poetry, Dark Sparkler, received critical acclaim for the morbidly fascinating motif of its poems: Dead actresses. Readers were surprised to see the very much alive Lindsay Lohan included in Tamblyn's collection of poems. Even curiouser: Tamblyn's poem about Lindsay Lohan was just a blank page. The story behind her poem about Lohan was simple, as she explained to Vulture: "I am not going to project onto your (Lohan's) story. I am giving this back to you to write. This belongs to you. Your poem has not been written yet, and it belongs to you." I'm sure Tamblyn will apply that same philosophy to shaping Baby RBG Cross's life, too.

Her Pregnancy Was Basically Blessed By Carrie Fisher

Tamblyn and Cross were in London at the same time as Carrie Fisher at the end of December of last year; Fisher was wrapping up the European leg of her book tour for The Princess Diarist. Tamblyn was lucky enough to meet Fisher, and shared this intimate experience with Fisher on Twitter: "Last week in London, Carrie Fisher asked if she could touch my 'beautiful baby belly.' Fuck yes I said. This damn year and [its] cruel heart." Tamblyn also posted the above picture of her husband with Fisher, taken just a week before Fisher's death.

She Comes From A Legacy Of Strong Women & The Future Is Female

Tamblyn's exquisite essay about how mothers and daughters can discuss womanhood together revealed that, not only does Tamblyn have an incredible mother, it's important that she carry on her family's legacy of proud, defiant, empowered motherhood. If that isn't a sign of one awesome mom in the making, I don't know what is. Mazel tov, Amber — girl, you got this.