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ATTN Parents: Subway Is Giving Away FREE 'Mary Poppins Returns' Tickets For Kids

Kids and the wintertime don't exactly mix, there is only so much playing indoors that one kid can do before they begin to get a little stir-crazy. This is where going to the movies becomes a life-saver. And with a special film in theaters now, parents should be delighted to hear that Subway is giving away free Mary Poppins Returns movie tickets for kids, so your dinner/movie night with the family won't cost an arm and a leg.

It's not secret that kids love going to the movies and eating out, and thankfully, Subway is combining both of these things. Starting today, families get to benefit from eating at Subway thanks to a new promotion. With every purchase of a Subway Fresh Fit Kids Meal, a free children's movie ticket to see Mary Poppins Returns (and a Mary Poppins Returns themed greeting card) will be served alongside it. What's not to love?

The movie ticket won't be valid until Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters in a few weeks on Wednesday, Dec. 19. But this will give families plenty of time to pick the perfect day to grab a sub before they head out to see a new and exciting film.

The film's trailer pretty much guarantees that everyone in the family will have a good time. From the music, to the story, to the stunning visuals, the film looks incredible.

It's really that simple. All that parents have to do is purchase a Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meal, have their kids customize their sandwich, and enjoy it. With the meal, they'll receive a code that can be redeemed online to get their free Mary Poppins Returns movie ticket.

The offer does come with some restrictions; the movie ticket is only valid until Monday, Jan. 7, and adult tickets aren't free, according to USA Today. So, while this is an amazing deal, parents will still have to pay for their own ticket to see Mary Poppins Returns. And if the children's ticket costs more than $11, they will have to pay the difference for it.

Audiences who have gotten a sneak preview are loving the film. Early reviews for Mary Poppins Returns have been fantastic, according to Entertainment Weekly, with some calling the music "delightful" and stating that the optimism in the film is "contagious." Yeah, that definitely sounds like something the younger crowd will love.

Mary Poppins Returns isn't a remake of the 1964 classic, according to Common Sense Media. Instead, it's a sequel to the film, with the titular character (played by Emily Blunt) returning to visit the Banks children — and this time, Mary Poppins has new songs and a new friend for audiences to fall in love with (played by Lin-Manuel Miranda).

There really is no way to lose with this deal. Not only will families now have an excuse to go out and see Mary Poppins Returns, but they'll also get a good meal out of it, too.

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