Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska's Pregnancy Bump Photo Is An Exciting Update

There is something about reality TV shows make you feel as if you're a part of the people's lives depicted on the show, and this definitely can be said for the MTV reality show, Teen Mom 2. So when Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea Houska, announced on Thursday that she was expecting her third child, fans were a little excited, to say the least. And on Friday, she gave fans something to be even more excited about because Houska's pregnancy bump photo, which she shared on Twitter, provides an big update to this already awesome announcement.

Houska's journey from teen to Teen Mom 2 has been captured on MTV cameras for the past few years. Fans have grown alongside Houska, watching as she became a mother for the first time to her daughter, Aubree, deal with maintaining a custody agreement with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, fall in love with her husband, Cole DeBoer, have a son, Watson Cole, and now become a mom for a third time.

Houska's announcement on Thursday might have come as a shock to some casual viewers of the MTV show. Houska took to Instagram where she shared an ultrasound picture of her baby and revealed that she and DeBoer were expecting a girl "in a few short months," according to Us Weekly. Come again? Now that the secret is out, Houska can now really get personal with her fans like she has on Teen Mom 2 and her latest bump update photo certainly does just that.

Over on Twitter, Houska posted a photo of her growing pregnancy bump, which she described as tiny, not only updating them on the size of her bump but how she has been feeling throughout her pregnancy. "Here's the wittle bump since everyone's been asking lol this pregnancy has been a breeze so far and I feel damn good," Houska tweeted.

It's awesome that Houska provided this update for fans, given that Teen Mom 2 is currently off air and there is no word about when it will return. Because there is a huge Teen Mom 2 void in people's lives, it's fantastic that Houska is giving fans what they want — a look inside her personal life while the cameras are off — especially after this major milestone was announced out of nowhere. Fans were excited about Houska's announcement, to say the least, and Houska recognized that support on Twitter. "It is so overwhelming to see how kind and supportive everyone is for our little family," Houska tweeted.

But for loyal Teen Mom 2 viewers, this announcement isn't that surprising. During last season of Teen Mom 2 Houska revealed that she and DeBoer wouldn't be opposed to having a third child, according to People. "By next year I was thinking we could probably have three," DeBoer told Houska during an episode — and it's crazy how right he was. In 2018, they will have three kids. Houska said during that same episode, according to People:

We have baby fever already. I just want so many baby Coles. I think it'd just be fun to have so many babies closer together.

Houska is certainly trying to do that. While she is a mom to an 8 year old, her son, Watson, was born in 2017. So Houska and DeBoer certainly got their wish — babies, closer together in age.

Hopefully this won't be the last bump update that fans see from Houska, especially since the baby will be arriving in a "few short months." If she doesn't continue to update fans on the status of her pregnancy and growing bump, then at least the Teen Mom 2 cameras will be there to capture it all.