4 Comfy Headphones Sized Right For Kids — So Your Ears Can Finally Get A Break

Look, I love my kids, but that last thing I want to hear is the Frozen soundtrack blasting from their tablets first thing in the morning. The solution is definitely headphones, but honestly, only the best kids headphones can block out noise and protect their ears at the same time.

There are a few key essentials to picking out a great pair of kids headphones, the most important being volume limits. Experts recommend that the volume be no higher than about 90 decibels to prevent premature hearing loss. It's super important to make sure whichever headphones you choose either self-limit the volume, or have an easy-access feature so you can turn it down yourself.

Another thing to consider is comfort. We all know that kids won't put up with anything mildly uncomfortable, so be sure that any headphones you invest in feature soft, breathable material. Ditto goes for durability and ease. Be on the lookout for excellent kids headphones that are made from durable materials. Bonus points if they're wireless so you don't have to deal with tangled cords.

Ready to take an extended break from Elsa's power ballads? Check out these high-quality kids headphones and give your ears a much-needed rest.

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Best Overall, All Things Considered: ONANOFF BuddyPhones

These brightly colored headphones hit all the right marks for kids and adults. For one, they're really comfortable to wear and can run continuously for 14 hours. They feature a soft, over-the-ear design and a durable band that won't slip. They're also bluetooth-compatible and wireless, and they feature strict volume limits with only three options: 75, 85, or 94 decibels. But the highlight of these headphones, truly, is in all the extra sound features. They feature a travel mode to focus sound when you're on an airplane, and a study mode to muffle out background noise and help concentration. These headphones also come with a "buddy cable" to hook two pairs together so kids can listen to the same content at the same time. They even come with a set of fun stickers that kids can use to decorate any way they want.

According to one reviewer: "Just purchased the Buddyphones for my 3 year old and we absolutely love them! We have gone through several pairs of headphones because of either the cord breaking, the cushions falling off, or the plastic cracking. My top 2 features are the durability to withstand a child that is a little rough and being wireless! These are the first pair of headphones that actually stay on her head!"


Runner-Up: Puro Sound Labs Headphones For Kids

While these noise-canceling headphones are a bit of a splurge, the high-quality design and convenient features on this pair make it worth the investment. For one, you never have to worry about the volume as they max out at 85 decibels. But the best part is these headphones use a digital signal to self-limit the volume. That means your kid can't crank it up to max just because they want to — these headphones read the noise level in the room and adjust to an appropriate volume accordingly. They also feature active noise-canceling technology, which lowers background noise by 22 decibels, and have an extra long battery life. These wireless headphones will last for up to 22 hours of continuous use before they need to be recharged.

According to one reviewer: "I bought these for my daughter to use in class to cancel surrounding noise during reading time. She has been way more focused and her teachers raved about how much they have helped."


Best For Younger Kids: Midola Volume Limited Kids Headphones

Hundreds of reviewers swear by these super flexible headphones for their kids. While these headphones are adjustable and can fit kids of all ages, they work particularly well with younger kids because they're basically unbreakable. The band is made from soft, bendable materials that won't snap, no matter how much kids tug and twist them. They also feature a standard volume setting of 85 decibels, although you can switch it to 110 decibels if you're traveling or there's a lot of background noise. They're also wireless and feature eight hours of continuous battery life.

According to one reviewer: "We wanted to buy our daughter some headphones because if we had to listen to one more Ryan’s toy review we were gonna lose our minds. We got her a cheap wired pair, thinking we wouldn’t get mad if she broke them bc they were cheap. Well you get what you pay for, within two days she she broke them. Then we got her a more expensive [wired] pair and they broke in 5 days instead. We got her this pair bc it was fairly inexpensive for a pair of wireless headphones. She loves them, they fit comfortably, one charge lasted all day, and they connect easily to all our devices. Definitely would buy for anyone, great price."


Best Headphones For Sensitive Ears: CozyPhones Kids Headphones

These adorable headphones are perfect for kids who just don't like the feel of more traditional options. It's basically a soft, comfy headband that gently stretches to fit over their ears. Inside the band, there are two super slim sound discs positioned close to the ears. The discs are limited to 90 decibels to protect developing ears, and although these headphones do have a cord, it's unbraided and tangle-free. Plus, at only $13, these headphones are a total steal.

According to one reviewer: "Wow I cannot say enough how awesome these are! I purchased the unicorn ones for my 4 year old and 1 year old as we travel quite a bit. They are not only super cute but super comfortable. They are easily adjustable and they are loud enough for an airplane yet quiet enough to where I cannot hear them when they have them on."