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The 13 Best Store-Bought Bread Rolls For Your Holiday Table

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Even if you bake your own bread regularly, it's a chore you might not have time for around the holidays. Between the pie crust and the cookies and the turkey brine, there are only so many things you can make from scratch. But there are plenty of ways to make store-bought bread your own, especially once you find the best brands. So as the holidays come up, you'll want to know the best store-bought bread rolls available for your family dinner.

The best rolls serve different purposes. You'll want a crusty roll if you're looking to sop up mussel broth at the bottom of a bowl, and it's nice to have a par-cooked roll if you're wanting something hot and fresh. If you're serving sandwiches or sliders, a soft bun is heavenly. My favorite store-bought roll, honestly, is the frozen variety. They're perfect to use for adapting into pepperoni rolls or monkey bread, and they're amazing stuffed with cheese or baked into breadsticks. They're highly versatile, which is why I like to always have some on hand in the cooler months when I want to curl up with a cozy blanket and cup of soup. And when it comes to entertaining for the holidays, fresh, hot rolls just make it a party.

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Rhodes Rolls

If you're looking for the most versatile roll, you're looking for Rhodes Rolls, which are in your freezer section and super cheap — you can grab a pack of 36 for $4 at a local Walmart. They're frozen dough that you thaw and bake, so they'll require a little bit of time to get ready. (You can't just throw these in the oven, so make note.) They're great on their own, but even better when used to create something more like pepperoni or coconut rolls.


King's Hawaiian Rolls

King's Hawaiian rolls are the base of the wildly viral hot ham and Swiss sliders that have dominated Pinterest since their inception. They're also great for turkey leftovers. Just slather dijon and mayo on each roll, add turkey, cranberry sauce, and a little stuffing, top, and brush melted butter over the tops of each roll. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and you have yourself a delicious treat. These are ready to eat, ready to serve, and less than $5 a pack at my Target.


Williams Sonoma Frozen Croissants

When you really need to impress your new in-laws, go for Williams Sonoma frozen croissants. They bake up perfectly and smell like absolute heaven. It's worth noting, however, that they need to rise overnight, so these aren't toss in the oven croissants either. They can be served with your meal, or as a meal as the base of a divine sandwich. They are pricey, but these are a once in a year purchase and are truly worth it. On their website, it's $39.95 for 24.


Rhodes French Crusty Frozen Rolls

Yes, there's already one variety of Rhodes rolls on this list, but adding another can't hurt... especially when it's a classic, crust French roll like this one. (The truth is, you can never refill that bread basket too many times.)


Schar's Gluten-Free Ciabatta Rolls

If someone at your holiday table doesn’t consume gluten, then these rolls are the way to go. These Schar's gluten-free ciabatta rolls do require toasting, but I'm told they're pretty good (which is saying a lot for a gluten-free roll). Lots of grocery stores carry them, but if you're a big fan (or hosting a huge gathering), you can get a case of 6 packages.


Martin's Potato Sandwich Rolls

Called "addictive" by reviewers on Amazon, these are the same buns used at Shake Shack. (No, you probably won't be serving up any burgers, but they work just as well for leftover turkey sandwiches.)


Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers Buttermilk Biscuits

Biscuits aren't technically rolls, but they serve the same general purpose: Warm and fluffy, they're perfect with gravy and mashed potatoes (and a generous helping of butter).


Zomick's Kosher Bake Shop Egg Challah Rolls

No dinner roll roundup would be complete with a Challah roll like this one. A classic for a reason, these slightly sweet, dense buns are usually a big hit with little kids.


Trader Joe's Pain Au Lait

Sweet and eggy, these rolls pair well with dinner and breakfast the next day. (Seriously, dunk one in your morning coffee.) Made in France, these rolls will add a little something extra to your dinner setup.


The Fresh Market Yeast Rolls

The Fresh Market makes some incredible bread, and these rolls are no exception. Bursting with flavor, they’ll give the rest of your menu some real competition.


Country Dinner Rolls

If you want to up the fancy factor, then spring for these delectable rolls. Drizzle the hot rolls with butter for a side dish that will cause quite a fuss. (You can also order some of the company’s crab cakes as well, because why not?)


Homemade Yeast Rolls

Did you know Etsy doubles as a bakery? Place an order with Etsy seller Homestylesnacks a few weeks before your holiday meal to ensure time for shipping. You even get a choice of whether your rolls get brushed with butter, garlic herb butter, or honey butter.


German Rye Rolls

For something a little different, try out the chewy German Rye Rolls. A version of the classic German "roggenbroetchen", these will add some serious flavor and substance to your dinner.