Target's Disney Store Is *Open* & There Are Deals On 'Frozen 2' & 'Star Wars' Items

Ever since news first broke that The Disney Store would be coming to Target, we've all been waiting to see what that would mean — and now we know. It's so good, it's almost diabolical. The Disney Store At Target "shop in shop" is now open nationwide, online, and in the Target app.

At the "store in a store," customers will be able to purchase goods previously only available through The Disney Store. Plus, The Disney Store at Target will have exclusive merchandise for both Frozen 2 and Star Wars in anticipation of the upcoming releases. Right now, in honor of the opening of the shop, customers will receive a $10 gift card for every $40 they spend on Frozen and Star Wars goods Oct. 4 and Oct. 5.

The only thing that could possibly make this collab any better was if I could get someone to watch my kids for me while I stroll through the aisles, alone, pumpkin cream cold brew in hand, leggings on, sweater cozy. Because you know that your children are going to see that there's now a Disney Store in Target, and you are going to be in that section for roughly eighteen bajillion hours before your kids pick out the "one toy" you promised them. Alone and able to shop without anyone needing to pause for a bathroom break? That right there is the real Magic Kingdom.

But at least they have a seating area for weary parents.

There are more than 450 products in the collection, 100 of which are Disney for Target exclusive, because you know that brands that work with Target always make an awesome "exclusive for Target" product line. It's a Target signature. The Disney Store in Target is already brimming with these goodies, with many more sure to come.

In a press release about the launch, Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target, said, “We’ve brought the magic of Disney to Target, bringing together great merchandise amidst an experience that’s truly immersive and unique," adding that “guests will be able to connect with the Disney characters and stories they love in a meaningful way while accessing the latest and greatest Disney products, including items previously only available at Disney retail locations.”

Anyone who loves Disney will tell you that frequently the best Disney merch has only been available through them directly. This is really changing the game, and it reflects the changes in retail on the whole. With the closing of hundreds of shopping malls across the country, brands are looking at ways to get their products in customers' hands in new and inventive ways. With the popularity of Target, this joint venture with Disney makes a ton of sense.

It's obvious from the press release that The Disney Store in Target seemed like the next logical evolution for the magical company. Ken Potrock, president of consumer products commercialization, said that Disney consumers are always looking for new and better ways to interact with the brand, and that this is filling that need. He also noted that the exciting merch we would expect from such a partnership is going to be incredible. “Our fans are always looking for fun and unique ways to connect authentically with Disney’s iconic characters and stories. Now that an enhanced Disney product assortment is available at Target – including new merchandise from Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – I know fans are eager to discover and explore everything this collaboration has to offer.”

Personally, I am just looking forward to doing the majority of my holiday shopping at one store. And that alone is a good enough reason to love this collab.