New Footage Of The Rides At Toy Story Land Is Officially Here & Everything Looks AMAZING

As if Walt Disney World wasn't already magical enough, a new land is set to open very soon at the iconic theme park. That's right — fans finally have a long-awaited first look into the rides at Toy Story Land, which is scheduled to open its doors in Orlando, Florida next month. Unsurprisingly, the toy-filled land looks pretty dang awesome — not to mention, the rides are family-friendly.

As explained in a press release shared by Disney, Toy Story Land will be a part of Disney's Hollywood Studios, which is one of Walt Disney World's four theme parks, and its grand opening is scheduled for June 30. The new 11-acre land hopes to "transport guests into the adventurous outdoors of Andy’s backyard where they will feel like they have shrunk to the size of a toy," explains the release.

In anticipation of the land's opening, Disney treated four ABC television shows to first looks at Toy Story Land. The very first look went to Good Morning America, which airs daily at 7 a.m. For Wednesday's episode of the show, correspondent Paula Faris explored the new land, which is still under construction.

There will be two rides at the new park — the Alien Swirling Saucers, which is a family-friendly roller coaster, and the Slinky Dog Dash coaster, which is a "spin through space," according to Disney.

Good Morning America got a look at the Slinky Dog Dash, which features a special guest at the end: Wheezy the Penguin, who sings Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend in Me," aka the Toy Story films' theme song.

"These characters are beloved and the worlds that Pixar builds are so remarkable," Kathy Mangum, Regional Executive, WDI Atlantic, told Good Morning America during the segment. "They're worlds that you wanna be in."

The morning show also spoke with Tim Allen, who voiced Buzz Lightyear in all three Toy Story films. "It'll be the detailed stuff that I want to see. What you hold, what you touch, I want to see how they incorporate that live experience," Allen said on the segment. "They've moved the bar. It's gonna be very exciting."

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What's more, Toy Story Land will feature a slew of characters from the films that guests can meet. Faris got to spend some time with a few life-size plastic green army men — and they took their roles very seriously, challenging Faris to a round of pushups.

Toy Story Land's second look went to another ABC vehicle — The View, which airs just a few hours after Good Morning America every weekday. During their tour of the new land, hosts Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines revealed that Woody's Lunch Box has been transformed into a quick-service food spot. The duo also had fun playing Toy Story Mania!, an interactive 4D carnival game.

Toy Story Mania! actually first opened at Walt Disney World in 2008. Disney just expanded the game to include a third track for Toy Story Land, which will "allow even more guests to take aim at 3D objects - using everything from baseballs to cream pies – in a variety of whimsical, fast-paced games," according to the Disney Parks Blog.

The third look into Toy Story Land of the day came on The Chew, where the show's hosts (including Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear) gave viewers an inside look at food that will be served at Woody's Lunchbox. They each tried a brisket barbecue melt and a chocolate hazelnut lunchbox tart, both of which all three hosts absolutely loooooved. Good taste, Woody.

If you are already craving more Toy Story Land, tune into Nightline at 12:35 a.m. EST tonight for yet another sneak peek. To infinity, and beyond!

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