The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be The Moms Keeping It Real On Social Media

Scrolling through social media, you can usually tell who is posting only by the content. Take me, for instance. My Instagram is all happy stuff and what I'm reading, Twitter is all angry politics and what I'm reading, and Facebook is a hot mess, and also what I'm reading. All my Leo energy. My bestie is just the opposite. All of her posts are real life, in your face, "this is how it is" — total Cancer. It's one of the five zodiac signs most likely to be real on social media, whereas mine? Well, I'm complicated.

It's not about who is the most real and who is two-faced, but a more nuanced perspective about how someone interacts with the world, and what they're willing to show. Just because you don't want your great Aunt Linda to know your husband is getting a vasectomy doesn't make you fake — maybe you're just a more private person. A big part of our personalities involve our presentation to others, and those who believe in astrology look to the stars to better understand the complex nature of these interpersonal interactions, even if they are done through the veil of social media.



Still waters run deep with Cancer, according to Ganesha Speaks. Cancers are homebodies with complex inner lives that run towards truth telling over concealing. While they may not be interested in documenting every calorie they consume or t-shirt they buy, when they post something, it's going to be 100 percent up front and real. No holding back.



The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are the change makers, according to That means that they're willing to put themselves on the line for progress. Even if that means they're the ones who take the blows. They're going to show you how to show up and be counted. This is the mom who will post a picture of herself at a protest with her daughter, and also a picture of the meltdown that ensues when she runs out of snacks.

This mom is also the one who does not care what you think of her. Judge her all you want, she's just living her life by the code she thinks is best. Warts and all.



Virgos are too busy just being their own analytic, curious selves to construct a personality outside of that on social media. What you see is what you get. They are completely taken with their own need to learn, according to AstroFame, and bothering with nonsense on Instagram isn't going to interest them. Sure, they might say the wrong things, or ask intrusive questions on Facebook about that "rash they saw on your kid's face," but they're real about it.



Taureans, simply put, are far too stubborn to be fake. If you don't like them, well, you can just go pee up a rope for all they care. They're just here to show you the awesome calligraphy they just taught their 6-year-old, or talk about the newest parenting technique. They aren't here to talk about essential oils, Linda — they don't care enough.

Because, as per, they are hard working, drama free people who aren't about to put their trust in oil. (The stars? Maybe.)



Oh Scorpios, they don't have a fake bone in their body, according to They are, alas, the hot mess moms of social media — if they have social media at all, because they can also be secretive. The ones who are on are the ones we can all relate to, and might be a little in awe of. Their unabashed honesty in their posts is more than refreshing — it's necessary for the rest of us. They post questions about their child's diaper rash, and talk openly about their need to hide in the car to eat a jelly donut away from the kids. They are, in short, all of us, just a little bit louder.