JoJo Whilden/Netflix

Netflix Confirms More Of 'The OA' Is On The Way

At the end of last year, Netflix dropped it's newest sci-fi drama, The OA. The first season left fans with a lot of questions, one of which was whether there would be a second season or not. Well, thankfully at least that particular question can finally be answered. The OA Season 2 has been confirmed by Netflix during a press junket event on Wednesday morning, which means fans can finally find out what happened to Prairie and the rest of the "angels." No official premiere date has been announced yet, but just knowing more episodes are on the way is a gift in and of itself.

The first season began with Prairie returning to her small town, her eyesight restored after being blind for most of her life. Though her family had a lot of questions, Prairie didn't want to answer them, and instead was solely focused on finding her way back to Homer. Enlisting five strangers, she taught them the five movements that would supposedly help them get to the other dimension, so she could find and save Homer and the rest of the people she had been imprisoned with for years.

However, in the final episode many fans were left wondering if anything that Prairie had said was true after Alfonso found a box of books under Prairie's bed that seemed to indicate she'd made the whole thing up. The books suggested that everything Prairie'd told them about Homer and dying repeatedly and then coming back to life, were all lies she made up based on these books she'd read.

Still, in the end, it was the five movements that saved the four boys and Betty when someone with a gun arrived at their school. Although the group of five were able to save themselves and their fellow students, the gunman was successful in getting a shot off that hit Prairie in the chest. She was then taken away in an ambulance and the finale ended with Prairie in place that was all white. "Homer?" she called out, before everything went black.

Did she actually make it to the other dimension? Was Homer actually there with her? Did he even exist in the first place? Is Prairie dead for keeps this time? What will become of Steve, Betty & Co.?

I have no idea what the answers are to any of these questions, but thankfully fans can now rest easy knowing they'll definitely get more answers in Season 2.