The One Trick To Removing All Your Mascara At Once

Everyone has encountered the dreaded raccoon eye after a night of trying to look like a modern day Cleopatra. Sometimes it even seems a shame to take off your eye makeup at all, especially if you spent countless hours attempting to perfect the winged eyeliner look. (Or is that just me?) Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one simple trick to remove all your mascara? In a world full of beauty tutorials that involve multiple steps, like contouring or the smoky eye, you’re probably eager to find ways to reduce the time and effort that goes into your makeup-removal routine.

As if you needed more reasons to convince you that a shorter, easier mascara-removing process was a good thing, there’s the whole issue of your eyelashes being important. Between curling, constant touch ups, and eventual makeup removal, people lose quite a few lashes to beauty procedures. And not only is that an appearance issue, but a health one as well. According to the Los Angeles Times, eyelashes protect your eyes from dust and irritants and prevent eyeball dryness by reducing airflow. So unless you want to be applying eye drops every day, it’s important to keep those lashes in tact.

So what's the one trick to save those precious lashes and remove all your mascara? It’s simple — hold a makeup-remover pad on your eye for a bit before wiping.

If your normal method for removing cosmetics is all about going fast and aggressively rubbing stubborn makeup off, then you're actually doing yourself a disservice. I know, I know. I'm guilty of trying to beat the clock during my beauty routine, too. But inevitably, my hurried habits end up costing me more time in the long run because I didn't get all my mascara off on the first try.

Beauty expert and makeup artist to the stars, Maria Verel, told Allure that you should put a pre-soaked makeup-removing pad on for about 10 seconds to dissolve the the, making it super easy to remove with just one swipe. Echoing this idea, Nina Leykind, creative director and founder of Eyeko, confirmed the beauty secret to Elle that the key to getting off all your mascara with minimal effort is giving your remover time to loosen up your makeup.

A little patience will go a long way if you just use this simple trick to remove all your eye-makeup at once. And remember to use a cotton pad, because a cotton ball can shred and leave annoying and even eye-irritating fibers behind. So now that you know this insider beauty hack, go forth and never worry about looking like a raccoon ever again.

Images: wilkernet/Pixabay; sunshinecity/Flickr; Giphy