These Adam Busby Quotes About Fatherhood Prove He's A Parenting Pro

With quintuplets — all girls — and a 5-year-old daughter at home, OutDaughtered star Adam Bubsy has a lot to say about fatherhood. While he does have a strong partner — his wife, Danielle — to work alongside with in this crazy journey, parenting six little girls is certainly extra challenging. But that also means they're blessed with even more stories and experiences and will, hopefully, choose to share most of them with fellow parents and fans. And, fortunately, many of Bubsy's words of wisdom about being a dad have been captured on the popular TLC show and during interviews.

Bubsy — who works as an account manager in addition to his reality TV star gig — definitely has a lot on his plate. There are the immediate responsibilities to tackle, such as changing several diapers at once, managing six different picky appetites at least three times a day, and anything else his family might need from him.

But the 35-year-old dad is also thinking about his girls’ futures and how he and his wife will manage to pay for six college tuitions — most of them at the same time no less. As that's the case, starring in OutDaughtered — assuming they enjoy it — is the best setup they could ask for.

So with six daughters who have all different personalities, Bubsy's quotes about fatherhood prove he's one knowledgeable dad.

On His New New Responsibilities

During an interview with People last year, Bubsy opened up about what it was like to grow from a family of three to eight in a blink of an eye. He told the magazine:

At the very beginning when we first got them all home, that was very hard. I mean, just keeping up with the feedings every three hours — I remember so many times where I would be laying in bed feeding a baby in the middle of the night and I would be woken up by the sound of a bottle hitting the floor because I just completely fell asleep and dropped the baby’s bottle. You’re just running on empty, on no sleep, all the time. It’s just crazy.

Every parent can relate to that feeling.

On Keeping It Together & Letting It Go

In the same People interview, Bubsy admitted that things certainly get crazy at home, but — at times — you can't take everything too seriously and just have to accept the mayhem. He explained:

People will ask us like: "How do you still have a smile on your face?" But what we’ve learned is that sometimes there’s nothing you can do but look at each other and laugh about it. This is what it is now. This is our new normal.

Laughter really is the best medicine — even if you've got five 2-year-olds constantly crying for your attention.

On Facing Postpartum Depression As A Dad

Raising six young children can take an emotional toll on a parent for a long list of reasons. Busby recently opened up about his struggles on Twitter and shared that he suffered from postpartum depression, which often goes unrecognized and ignored in men, as HuffPost reported.

“It’s not fun to talk about, but if me talking about this helps any dads out there then it’s all worth it.”

And if no one talks about it, the problem will only worsen. So, thank you Mr. Bubsy, you've informed many about a forgotten aspect of fatherhood.

On His Best Advice To Fellow Dads

As a father of six daughters, Bubsy can offer a lot of solid advice to other new dads. Ahead of Father's Day last year, Bubsy told TLC what he's learned as a dad and offered some insight to future parents:

My advice to other dads would be to not go into fatherhood with any preconceived notion about what this new life will be like. Having 6 girls, I have learned that each of them is different and each one has their own individual needs and wants in what their daddy should be to them. Don't be scared to get in there and do the wrong thing.

Bubsy is a full-time dad. He's a professional diaper-changer and an expert provider and protector for his family. While not every family faces the same challenges — especially in the same volume — that the Bubsys do, this dad's unique experience with fatherhood is certainly impressive.