This Husband Wrote A Beautiful Note To His “Defeated” Wife, & It Shows How Hard Moms Work


After a really long day with her sons, ages 2 and 5, mom Kate Douglas posted to Facebook that she was feeling defeated, and that her kids "had won" — a feeling many moms probably know well. But after she left the house to get a break, her husband wrote a beautiful note to his "defeated" wife — and it shows just how hard moms work and reminds us all to appreciate all that they do.

Douglas' husband, Scott, took to Facebook to praise his wife's hard work and remind her how appreciated she is.

Douglas shared her husband's heartwarming post, adding "ALL queens need to know they are appreciated!", according to ABC News. The post went viral, and has more than 54,000 likes and more than 11,000 shares. Douglas and her family live in Australia, and she told ABC News that the post made her "very emotional" and "was just what I needed to hear at that moment."

Many comments on the post made Douglas feel particularly lucky, since many moms indicated that they didn't feel as appreciated by their spouses. Scott told ABC News that he wasn't surprised the post resonated with moms all over the world, adding "When a bad day comes along they question themselves. I think with what I wrote has let them know they are not alone by having those days but also there are positives in those days, and to be appreciated for the bad days is very rewarding for them too."