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This Mom Hands-Down Has The Best Advice For Getting Ready For Playdates


Ahh, playdates. They should be fun, right? Well, yes, but as a mom it's easy to get caught up in all of the prep work that goes on behind the scenes when you're getting ready to host a rowdy group of kids at your home, or when you're preparing to send your kid off to a friend's house. You wonder, should I go over the definition of "sharing" one more time? Am I equipped to handle an unexplained meltdown? Should I pack an extra snack, just in case? The list goes on, and truthfully, the whole idea of playdates can quickly become way more stressful than fun.

Expecting mom Diane Davis knows this feeling well. With two daughters, ages five and two, she's been through her fair share of playdates, and her best advice to fellow moms getting ready to host a group of kids is to not put pressure on themselves to make the whole experience perfect. "The goal is not even perfection, the goal is a good relationship."

To make sure your kid's playdate goes as smoothly as possible for them and you, we partnered with Babies“R”Us ® to catch up with Diane while she hosted her daughter's friend for an afternoon of playing, snacking, and dress up. Check out the video below for her best advice on what to prepare for, and what you can only Be Prepared-ish™ for.

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