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Twitter Won't Stop Making Tom Brady Pancake Jokes

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might be a talented football player, but he's also a celebrity — and during this year's Super Bowl, he made an appearance during one of the coveted commercial spots. In the ad, Brady shows off Intel's 360-degree replay technology as he goes about his morning routine, including making pancakes for breakfast. But viewers have found Tom Brady's pancake jokes during his Super Bowl 51 commercial to be pretty funny, and on Twitter, they're not holding back.

As soon as the spot aired, Twitter users took aim at Brady's pancake breakfast — namely because he follows a pretty strict diet (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, etc.) and probably would never actually eat pancakes if he weren't getting paid a boatload of money to do so. According to Forbes, Brady's personal chef Allen Campbell said that 80 percent of the athlete's diet is comprised of organic vegetables and whole grains, and that he avoids white sugar, white flour, MSG, iodized salt coffee, caffeine, and dairy. And with the exception of bananas in his smoothie? Brady also doesn't eat any fruit.

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A lot of viewers seemed pretty bothered by the fact that he a) ate a pancake off the floor, and b) stole said pancake from a dog:

Tom Brady's Super Bowl commercial may have made him an easy target for Twitter snark, but then again, he's clearly got more important things to worry about than what people are saying on social media (like, uh, trying to win the Super Bowl). And even though his organic, whole-grain, no-fun diet seems pretty depressing, I guess he's trying to stay as healthy as possible. Maybe the dog got to eat his pancakes between takes?