Tweets About "Mazel Tov Cocktails" That Will Make You Want To Drink To Beyonce

Scottie Nell Hughes, political editor at and ardent Trump supporter, has gained quite a bit of attention this past weekend — and not in a good way. The Republican criticized the language and behavior of celebrities who have endorsed Hillary Clinton, particularly Jay Z. In an interview with CNN, Hughes criticized the anti-police sentiment in one of Jay Z's videos, "No Church in the Wild," where he talks about Molotov cocktails being thrown at police. Only, instead of saying Molotov, Hughes called them "Mazel Tov cocktails." Oy vey. Here are some tweets about Hughe's "Mazel Tov" cocktails gaffe.

A Molotov cocktail is a weapon that usually involves a flammable liquid that can ignite contained within a bottle. Hughes brought up the cocktails because Jay Z and Beyoncé performed at a Hillary Clinton rally on Friday in Cleveland. At a rally on Nov. 5 in Denver, Donald Trump criticized the fact that Clinton "needs" celebrities to bring in crowds, and claimed he doesn't.

Hughes supported Trump's opinions by bringing up Jay Z's videos, and that's where she made the now infamous "Mazel Tov" slip. The mistake has been mocked all over Twitter, inspiring some people to even come up with a cocktail appropriate for traditional Jewish celebrations (or to drink during election night). It's even inspired The Atlantic's senior editor Adam Serwer to change his name on Twitter to Mazel Tov Cocktail!

Hughes has had a sense of humor about the mistake, owning up to The Huffington Post's Roy Sekoff that she should have probably "taken a nap," even responding "oy vey" to his joke warning not to call out "L'chaim!!" on election night.

I'd almost feel bad for the flak Hughes is getting if she wasn't defending such a ridiculous argument. During his rally, Trump also mentioned that Beyoncé called his language "lewd." This prompted the Republican candidate to ask why he's considered lewd but Jay Z and Beyoncé are fine.

"My language is nothing compared to what Jay-Z [and Beyoncé were] doing last night." Trump added that "a lot of people were offended by how bad the language was," calling it "filthy."

The thing is, when Beyoncé references being on her knees in a car in "Partition," she's talking about consensual sex. Sex with her husband. Beyoncé promotes women taking control of their sexuality, and Lemonade was even hailed by Billboard as being "a revolutionary work of black feminism."

But Trump's comments in his Access Hollywood video about grabbing women "by the p*ssy" sound like a description of sexual assault. The fact that Trump defends and dismisses such comments as locker room talk is what's really lewd.

“I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman leading the country,” Beyoncé said at Clinton's rally. “That’s why I’m with her.”

Mazel Tov.