child wearing ladybug costume
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16 Warm Weather Costumes That'll Keep Your Kids Cool This Halloween

Although Halloween is often associated with brisk autumn weather, not every town is feeling the chill by late October. If you’re in a temperate (or simply hot) part of the world, then these warm weather Halloween costume ideas are well worth considering. There’s a ton of costume options that won’t have your kid melting in sweat by the end of the evening, and they’re just as creative and expressive as their cold-weather counterparts.

Even this far into autumn, mid-’80s (and higher) temps are still the norm in plenty of places from Florida to Arizona, so heavy, bulky costumes are not the ideal option. After all, nothing sucks the fun out of trick-or-treating or other spooky festivities faster than a stuffy plastic mask or sweat-trapping costume (ugh). However, there’s so many Halloween costumes designed to keep your kid warm, with full-body jumpsuits, cloaks, and other additions that would feel stuffy in warmer climates. So how can you beat the heat? By taking a creative approach, you can come up with Halloween costumes that are appropriate for even the warmest, most humid environments. Sea creatures, cartoon characters, mythical beasts, and even Star Wars heroes are still in the game, so you’re not at all limited. Here’s some Halloween costume choices for warm weather that won’t have your kid wilting on October 31.


With a ruched satin top and tulle skirt, it can be worn over leggings or shorts to help your kiddo stay cool all evening. Plus, this beautiful and flower-filled getup will be perfect for playing dress-up long after Halloween has come and gone.

Rey From Star Wars

This deluxe top includes an attached sash, pants, and sash with belt. The sleeves are even removable if trick-or-treating gets too toasty.

Chase From Paw Patrol

This clever costume just slips over whatever clothes your kid’s already wearing to make getting dressed for Halloween a total cinch. It’s made from soft polyester and able to be spot-cleaned, in case the festivities get messy.

Zombie Piggyback Costume

Wearing this costume is as easy as pulling on a pair of pants, but the effect is still hilarious and kind of gruesome. Designed to be comfortable, this costume also lets your kid wear any shirt of their choice.


Skeletons are everywhere on Halloween, but this one has a little extra flair with its cool neon colors. With a hooded t-shirt, gloves, and pants, this costume will also give your kid some relief from heat.

Peppa Pig

The hooded dress is more lightweight than full-body costumes, and your kid can always slip the hood down to stay cooler.


This cool cape is attached with a hook and loop closure around the neck, and there are wrist cuffs at each wingtip. Your kid can easily wear the wings over any regular outfit for an instant costume.


This broken doll costume features a fun haunted house motif on the front for added spooky detail. Follow a cracked doll Halloween makeup tutorial from Bustle for that added bit of detail, and your kid will be ready to freak out the neighbors all evening long.


Featuring a tattered black and white dress, this costume is equal parts cool, cute, and creepy.

Dragon Rider

This gold-and-blue dragon just slips over whatever clothes your kid is already wearing, weather that’s a t-shirt and shorts or snowsuit. It’s basically a puppet and costume all in one.

'The Flintstones'

This kid-sized Fred Flintstone tunic is especially adorable, and it’s an easy slip-on look. Then just throw on the blue tie and you’re all set.

Adorable Ladybug

To pull off an adorable ladybug costume, all your child needs is a black top and pants and this adorable cape. Add some antennae for some flair (and really, it’s the cutest part of the look), and your kid will be all set.

'The Simpsons'

The best thing about this full-body Lisa Simpson costume is that it’s a very simple look. If you’ve got an extra saxophone lying around to use as a prop, even better.

A Mermaid

All your kid really needs for a mermaid costume is an awesome, sparkly mermaid tail. After that, they can make the costume uniquely their own with any kid of age-appropriate top and maybe some glitter in their hair.

A Troll

The easiest way to put together a troll costume is by picking out random stuff from your kid’s closet and adding a wildly-colored troll wig. Or, if your kid is more of a stickler for accuracy, a full body troll costume works as well.

Frida Kahlo

A heroine to all art lovers large and small, all your little one needs to dress up as the famous artist is a Mexican-inspired dress, a flower headband, and some eyebrow pencil to rock Kahlo’s signature brow. You could also give your kid some paint brushes and makeshift artist’s palate to complete the look.