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What To Do If You’re A Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Hates Hillary Clinton

Now that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has amassed 2,199 pledged delegates (I won't even bring up the superdelegates), it's all but certain that she'll win the presidential nomination for the Democratic party. Are you still feeling the Bern, or has it finally been extinguished? I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but it's mostly over (unless Clinton does something damning or is actually indicted on some kind of charge). Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders still won't admit it as a matter of principle. So what does a Sanders supporter who hates Clinton do now? First of all, it's OK to cry into your Ben & Jerry's for a bit. But then it's time to get down to business.

Just because your favorite Democrat who isn't actually a Democrat isn't America's favorite Democrat doesn't mean that the world is coming to an end. Maybe Clinton is down with fracking and private email servers, but let's be honest: we've had far shadier presidents before, and we lived through it. And Clinton's running for president, not dictator. She's not going to change all the rules overnight, despite what that 9-year-old with the Trump hat would have you believe. There are ways that you can learn to live with the lesser of two evils, because one thing Sanders and Clinton supporters can agree on is that we don't want Donald Trump as our president. Yes, Susan Sarandon, I am talking to you. Here's how to make your peace with Clinton:

Make Some Noise About Her Running Mate

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At this point, I really can't see Sanders as Clinton's vice president. They are... not friends. But that doesn't mean that she won't pick someone with Sanders-esque policies. She just needs a little prodding. Back in 2010, after a surge in popularity thanks to a Snickers ad during the Super Bowl, Betty White fans lobbied on Facebook to have her host Saturday Night Live, and it worked! It only took about a month, too. Why not a start a Twitter campaign to get Clinton to pick a socialist running mate?

Vote For Her Anyway. Just Do It.

Yes, I know. She's the worrrrrrst. Except that she's not the worst; Donald Trump is the worst, and he will surely kill us all by getting into a Twitter war with someone who has access to an army within his first week of the presidency. Is that what you want? You might be tempted to vote for Jill Stein, who's basically a lady Bernie, but don't do it. There is no way in hell that a third-party candidate could win, and voting for Stein will only help Trump. Take it from an idiot who voted Nader in 2000, and still regrets it to this day. Get in that booth, color in that bubble, and then go have yourself a cocktail. Doing the right thing isn't always easy.

Vote In The Midterms Elections, For Goodness Sake!

You know how we have this cool, progressive president right now, but everything's going to hell? They're shutting down abortion clinics left and right, craft stores can tell their employees what medications they need, and trans people aren't allowed to pee anymore. That's because some people, and I'm not naming names, but some people were too busy Instagramming their Chipotle burrito bowls to bother voting in the midterms, so their grandparents got the voting booths all to themselves, and surprise, it's actually Congress who makes the laws. Please vote in every election, youths.

...Or Just Move To Canada

Oh, hey, Justin Trudeau, how you doin'? Got room in your country for a few more? What's that? You don't? And it's actually super hard to emigrate from the U.S. to Canada? Oh. OK, then. Never mind. Back to Plan A, which is to demand accountability from the president you choose and to continue to draw attention to the issues that Sanders' supporters have claimed to care so much about for the past nine months. If you're a Sanders supporter, then you should stick to your principles just like he does, and not back out (or give up your vote) just because things aren't looking good.