Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne's Days On 'The Bachelor' May Be Numbered

Corinne Olympios has quickly dominated this season of The Bachelor, with her instantly iconic one-liners, gif-worthy reaction shots, and her over-the-top "villainy." But as anyone who has watched this show (or any other in the Bachelor franchise) for more than one season knows well, the "villains" of each season don't typically last very long. Whatever you might think of Corinne personally, there's no doubt that she's being painted as the season's bad girl, thanks to production editing that she's seemingly leaned all the way into. That leaves just one question: when will Corinne be eliminated on The Bachelor?

Let's look at the history of villains on Bachelor franchise shows. Most recently, we had Chad "Meat Chad" Johnson, the protein powder swilling jacked dude who terrorized the house full of JoJo Fletcher's contenders (and Evan Bass, in particular). Chad only lasted until Week 3 of his season, getting sent home during a two-on-one with one of his many nemeses, Alex Woytkiw (before returning to creepily whistle-stalk his way through the woods and back to the other contestants). Olivia Caridi of The Bachelor Season 20 — Corinne's spiritual predecessor in more ways than one — made it a bit farther, taking it all the way to Week 6. But this season, it's looking like Corinne may very well outlast them both.

Corinne has already survived more than one "twist" when it certainly seemed like Nick would show her the door. First, Nick gave her his last rose of the evening during the fourth episode, despite the fact that every other woman there had spoken out against her behavior. Even Vanessa Grimaldi, a definite frontrunner this season, warned Nick against keeping Corinne and questioning whether he was there to find a wife, based on his actions with the 25-year-old business owner.

Then, Corinne escaped the two-on-one date intact, successfully getting Taylor Nolan left behind in the bayou. He even knows that she has a nanny and doesn't care! Honestly, if Corinne can avoid being sent home after all that, maybe it's time we face the fact that she just might be invincible.

Additionally, viewers know for sure that Corinne isn't going home until after the scandalous moment that's already been previewed in multiple season teasers. According to the clips, Corinne makes a big play for Nick at some point, sneaking into his hotel room (presumably outside of the overnight dates in which sex is basically Bachelor-mandated). We've yet to see her do that, so she's obviously going to stick around for another few weeks.

But personally, I don't think Corinne will make it to the very end. While she and Nick certainly have chemistry, and he enjoys having her around, it's clear that his connection with her doesn't run as deep as his bonds with some of the other women, like Vanessa, Raven Gates, or Rachel Lindsay. Corinne is clearly getting a ton of mileage as a result of her "villain" role, with a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and increased visibility for her modeling career. From outside appearances, it certainly doesn't seem like she's currently engaged to Nick.

Odds are Corinne will make it quite far, but not to the finish line.