When Will Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" Music Video Come Out?

If there's one singer who pretty much dominates the fall season, it's Taylor Allison Swift. After dropping two hits already, fans are dying to know when Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" music video will come out. There's really no telling with Swift anymore, and that's kind of awesome. Ever since Swift effectively wiped her social media accounts clean (save for Tumblr, but we'll get to that later), the nine-time Grammy winner has made headlines pretty consistently. And, of course, after she announced her sixth studio album, Reputation, back in August, anticipation has been steadily building.

So now, that Swift has released the third single from her new album, the 80s-inspired bop, "Gorgeous," it's only natural to wonder when the music video for the song will come out. After all, Swift released the first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," merely one day after announcing her album. And the music video premiered at the Video Music Awards three days after the song came out. However, with Swift's second single from Reputation, "...Ready For It?" the length of time between song release and music video release was a bit — 54 days to be exact. So, in reality, the actual Reputation album will probably be released before the "Gorgeous" music video is.

More so, in looking back at Swift's release of her last album, 1989, it seems as though "Gorgeous" might not even get a music video for a few months. Because even though Swift released "Shake It Off" as a music video before the single came out in August of 2014, she didn't release the video for "Blank Space," the second single from the album, until Nov. 10 of that year — days after the album was released. Then, Swift didn't release another single — "Style" — until February 2015, which was months after the album came out, with a video following days after.

So clearly, there is no one formula that Swift is following with this album release. She's doing things her own way, which makes sense, since the old Taylor is dead, after all.

Only, is she though? Swift certainly makes it a point to steer clear of any press or media requests for this album's release, but there's one part of her that hasn't changed: her relationship with her fans.

And that's where Tumblr comes in. Because even though Swift wiped her Tumblr clean back in August, she's also used it pretty regularly since then: liking, commenting, and even re-blogging content from fans, and that's not all. Swift has also used the social media platform to, for lack of a better word, stalk her fans and find out who she hasn't met yet in order to invite them to her own private residences to listen to Reputation days before it's released to the general public.

Yes, Swift did another round of Secret Sessions for Reputation, according to Billboard, and fans who were lucky enough to attend (read: not this proud Swiftie, but I'm not giving up!) know a lot more than anyone else does about the new album and any forthcoming music videos.

Of course, all of those fans have signed nondisclosure agreements and can't share any details about what they heard at Swift's house. So there isn't much knowledge to be gleamed there, other than the fact that Swift remains totally loyal to her fans. So, with that in mind, there probably will be a "Gorgeous" music video, but it would be highly unlikely for it to be released before the actual album.

After all, with October coming to a close, the world is a mere 10 days away from Reputation, and it's likely that the majority of Swift's time and planning are going to be devoted to that. And honestly, I don't know if we'll even be ready for it when it does drop.

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