Where To Watch Election Day Coverage, No Matter Where You Are On Nov. 8

The end of this very long and very brutal reality TV-ready presidential campaign is almost here. You've come this far. Americans have watched this horrific circus play out for more than a year. And no matter which side of the political spectrum you're on, you're probably not going to want to miss this election's very dramatic conclusion. Here's where to watch Election Day coverage no matter where you are on Nov. 8.

Now, when it comes to major events and major elections, some people, like myself, have their go-to news channel to get the latest. It's comforting to get both good and bad news from a trusted source, who also is a kind of comforting friend. Or maybe you're more the type to switch around from station to station or site to site to get a bit of perspective from each. All great approaches. So with a nod to the teams who work their hearts out to make election night coverage great, here are some of the best in the election business and how to watch them in action on the biggest night in news.

Don't Have A TV? Stream

If you're one of the cool kids without a TV, no worries. YouTube will have six different channels streaming live Election Day coverage on Nov. 8: NBC News, PBS, MTV News, Bloomberg, Telemundo, and The Young Turks, according to TubeFilter.

CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC all have apps that let you stream live Election Day coverage from your phone if you're on the go, according to CNET. BuzzFeed has also announced a partnership with Twitter to livestream news video on the social media site throughout Election Day, CNET reported.

No Cable? No Sweat

If you can't click on cable news for the latest, don't worry. Free TV has plenty of great options for Election Night news coverage. The gold standard is PBS, which along with its NewsHour team, including incomparable newswomen Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill, will have full election coverage on local PBS stations. Network TV, including FOX News, NBC News, ABC News, and CBS News will all have coverage on free TV, along with plenty of streamed video on each's respective sites.

Cable News

When it comes to cable news, you've got three solid choices. You can tune in to see CNN on election night, which will likely heavily feature Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer. But along with those two, CNN usually puts together a raucous cast of pundits from the take-no-caca Republican firebrand Ana Navarro, to the queen of the eye-roll Angela Rye. CNN also employs former Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski, despite criticism, according to New York Magazine, who along with CNN prime time regular Kayliegh McEnany do yeoman's work defending Trump.

FOX News features one of the best shade wars in politics right now between Trump BFF Sean Hannity and closet Republican feminist Megyn Kelly, who recently dismantled New Gingrich during his defense of Trump in light of accusations of sex assault by several women. Kelly is actually hosting the evening's election coverage with Bret Baier, but it's really her Hannity face off that will be must-see TV as the results start coming in.

Here's a video from the Young Turks that will give you just a taste of the juicy beef between Kelly and Hannity.

On MSNBC you've got who I consider a total national treasure in political science and nerd extraordinaire, Rachel Maddow, who has helped bring back to life former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams from his embarrassing controversy with their dynamo election coverage pairing. MSNBC's political team also includes veteran journalist Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, and the "Road Warriors" — reporters on the road with the candidates, one of which is Katy Tur, who has endured a year and a half on the road with Trump, who often calls her out to be booed and screamed at during his rallies. If nothing else, maybe you just want to watch in solidarity with her.

Here's Tur this week talking about her experience on the road with Trump.

No matter where you choose to get your news on Election Day, it's sure to make history. And then, this will finally all be over.