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Why It's OK To Not Instantly Reconnect With Your Pre-Baby Identity


Having a kid changes your life. A ton. But as moms know, change doesn't automatically translate to "bad," it can simply mean that your life has adapted to fit your baby into the picture. And while that may sound like a simple scenario to adapt to, the reality is that sometimes, becoming a mom can cause women to lose sight of your identity from your pre-baby life. That's exactly what happened to Nicole Locklair; former marathon runner and current adoring mom to her daughter, Cecilia. Although Nicole was admittedly as prepared as she would ever be for motherhood, the adjustment into motherhood included the difficult hurdle of finding a balance between being Nicole the mom who loves to focus on playing with her daughter, and Nicole the runner who enjoys training for races and bike riding with her husband.

In partnership with Baby Dove, we spoke to Nicole to get her take on reconnecting with your personal identity after becoming a mom, which she openly says she's still struggling with. Meet her and her family in the video below, and remember that no matter what anyone tries to tell you, there's truly no perfect way to be a mom — only your way.

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