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These Clues Prove Krystal Will Definitely Be Eliminated From 'The Bachelor' Soon

A few weeks into Season 22 of The Bachelor a clear "villain" of the cast has emerged, and it looks like everyone is already ready for her to be sent packing (and I'm not just talking about the other women in the house). So will Arie eliminate Krystal on The Bachelor? I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that Krystal will be going home at least at some point on this show, but I'm extremely confident that she won't be around forever.

After 22 seasons, Bachelor devotees have developed a few tricks for predicting the outcomes... at least in some situations. For example, if you're the first woman to start complaining to the lead about another woman in the house, you will probably be swiftly shown the door. See: Bibiana. Another long-held Bachelor truth is that the designated "villain" of the group never makes it to the very end. For example, Corinne from Nick Viall's season somehow made it to the hometown dates, but that was as far as she got before she was eliminated in favor of less, I guess, "villainous" candidates. So that gives me hope that Arie's villain, the fitness coach Krystal, will be departing from the house soon. Though I can't say when precisely that will happen.

On the first night, I expected Chelsea to be this season's villain, as she was the first woman to sneak away with Arie and was a little testy with the other women in the house, especially after she got the First Impression Rose. However, she was swiftly overtaken in this category by Krystal. Krystal immediately began getting under the other women's skin by stepping on their toes when it came to getting time with Arie, saying things like "Women always get jealous of me," talking about how she and Arie were definitely going to end up together, and making condescending speeches to all the other women about the nature of The Bachelor.

Twitter tends to have a lot of differing opinions about The Bachelor and just the world in general, but all of Twitter has come together in their desire to see Krystal off the show.

Even former Bachelor contestants themselves are weighing in on this particular contestant.

Personally, I can't stand it when a woman claims that she just has no female friends because all her female friends are insecure and jealous around her and afraid she'll steal their boyfriends. That is some backwards anti-feminist stuff right there, and that is why Krystal and I will never be friends.

Luckily for all of us, it looks like Krystal is really pushing it when it comes to Arie and her issues with the other women in the house. More than once in the previous episode she spoke to the cameras about how everyone else is getting desperate. Yet, she was the one who interrupted the rose ceremony to get in a last word, even after Arie had canceled the cocktail party. She also told Arie that she and the other women weren't getting along. Remember earlier when I mentioned how women who complain about other women fare on this show?

In the previews for Episode 5, Krystal's relationships with other people in the house appear to get even worse. In a voiceover one woman says that she seems "unhinged," as Krystal is shown drinking wine in a bathrobe, saying that she'd been drinking all day. She gets in successive squabbles with other women including fan-favorites Bekah and Kendall, and eventually someone tells Arie that Krystal has been trash talking him as well. This might be the final straw for The Bachelor. Who knows, maybe Krystal will be gone after Week 5.

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