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Jaime & Euron May Come To Blows On 'Game Of Thrones'

It's a new season of Game of Thrones, and there's a new terrorizer in Westeros. His name is Euron Greyjoy and he's definitely got his own style. Luckily, such characters tend to get murdered eventually, so hopefully Euron's demise will come sooner rather than later. And if that's the case, will Jaime kill Euron on Game of Thrones? Frankly, I really hope so.

Euron first made his appearance in Season 6, looking appropriately grizzled and weatherbeaten as one would expect a medieval pirate to look. But he got quite a makeover between seasons, and returned to Season 7 looking more like David Bowie than a Viking warlord, with a lot of sass and attitude to match. He came swaggering into King's Landing and asked Cersei to marry him. When asked what he could offer a queen, he responded "two good hands," with a grin and a wink, a pretty sick burn to the now one-handed Jaime. But this was just the first time Euron tried to rile up his would-be brother-in-law.

After returning to King's Landing with his "gift" for Cersei in the form of Ellaria Sand, Euron asked Jaime for some tips on how to please Cersei in the bedroom, which was both gross and insulting, leaving Jaime looking positively appalled.

This, of course, is only the beginning of Euron. If the books are to be believed, Euron is every bit the sadistic monster that Joffrey and Ramsay were, if with slightly more flair. In the books, Euron has another brother that doesn't appear in the show, whose wife Euron either seduces or rapes, leading to the woman being beaten to death by her husband. Euron brags about raping and pillaging his way around the world and once cut out the tongues of everyone on his ship because he needed "silence." The last woman he took a fancy to was a bastard girl named Falia Flowers who winds up pregnant and tied to the mast of his ship with her tongue cut out.

So while teaming up with Euron Greyjoy seems like a great idea at the moment, I have a feeling that this relationship is going to turn sour really soon. Both he and Cersei are unscrupulous and desperately selfish. Cersei seems to be putting off the marriage for the moment, but what happens if Euron grows impatient? Perhaps he'll go a step too far at some point. Perhaps he'll threaten Cersei's power or foolishly challenge Jaime in some way. When he does inevitably do something to upset the siblings, Jaime may be the one to silence him. All I know is that when he does go out, he'll probably do it with style.