Will John-David Duggar Be On 'Counting On' Season 8? Here's What Could Happen

With so many of the 18-and-older Duggar kids already settled down and in Counting On's spotlight, many fans often wonder about one of the oldest siblings: John-David. The 28-year-old definitely gets less screen time than some of his brothers and sisters, so it makes sense that people want to know if John-David Duggar will be on Counting On Season 8.

John-David has yet to confirm his appearance on Season 8 of the reality show, but it's likely that he'll still be around the Duggar house for upcoming episodes. While he has appeared in the past few seasons of Counting On (the seventh of which just wrapped up last month), he has only been on the show in very small doses, never as the center of a storyline. It's certainly a bummer, but it does make sense, considering the fact that the last couple seasons of the show have centered on weddings, engagements, courtships, and births, oh my!

That being said, John-David does have plenty going on his life that could make for some interesting television. John-David works as a constable in Washington County, Arkansas, where the Duggar family lives, according to the Duggar Family Blog. In fact, TLC's YouTube channel shared a 19 Kids and Counting video in March 2015 of John-David on the job as a constable.

In the clip, he drove around town on a traffic patrol, with special guest Jim Bob Duggar, the father of the 19 Duggar kids. And in addition to being a constable, John-David keeps busy with construction work, and he also has his pilot's license, according to TLC. (Seriously, why doesn't Counting On snag some clips of John-David flying his siblings around town?)

John-David evidently has a lot going on professionally — but it's safe to say he'll make room in his schedule should he meet his soulmate.

While John-David is not courting (the Duggar family's conservative version of dating, which limits physical contact to side hugs, and requires a chaperone to be present for all dates), he does hope to get married and start a family in the future. He opened up about the topic with TLC in a video for the network's YouTube channel back in 2016. He said:

Future plans would be to, I think, one day, you know, the lord will bring the right one along, and I'll start a family and hopefully be able to invest in their lives and raise up a generation that will be great people for this society ...

John-David added that he even prays that he will one day find someone to spend his life with. He continued:

I don't have anybody right now. But I am praying about it. One day, one day. Just keep watching.

Rumors that John-David was courting have spread on multiple occasions. In December 2015, rumors spread that something was going on between between John-David and Tabitha Paine, who is related to the Duggar-sized Bates family (of Bringing Up Bates) through marriage. Paine released a statement on her blog discrediting the rumors, according to the IB Times. She reportedly explained that she and John-David were no more than friends. Additionally, in August 2017, The Hollywood Gossip reported that John-David was secretly courting a mystery woman from Texas. Whether or not that was true at the time, things clearly didn't work out, or perhaps he's still keeping it on the down-low.

And in an article originally published in August 2017, In Touch Weekly reported that Season 7 of Counting On would reveal a relationship of John-David's. Needless to say, Season 7 is over and done, and there are no new John-David developments. However, Season 8 is set to premiere sometime this summer, so if there are any John-David love life updates, fans will find out pretty soon.

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