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Nymeria & Arya's 'Game Of Thrones' Reunion Could Take A Dark Turn

Fans have seen Daenerys arrive home at Dragonstone. They've watched Arya slaughter the rest of Frey’s men in the best Game of Thrones cold open ever. They even got to see where The Hound is and what he’s been up to, and that’s just the Season 7 premiere. In the promo for Episode 2, there’s a direwolf who bares a striking resemblance to Nymeria, Arya’s own pet from way back in Season 1, leading fans to wonder: will Nymeria hurt Arya on Game of Thrones?

Their reunion might be one of the next big revelations in the series, but in the promo for Sunday's episode, she looks a lot more wild than before. Keep in mind that when Arya and Nymeria were last together, Lannister soldiers were looking for the direwolf to put her down for her attack on Joffrey. Arya, being the already smart girl that she was, urged Nymeria to run away and from there, that's the last we've seen of her.

But since she grew up in a more or less domesticated way, only to be turned away out into the forest when she was a little more grown, could Nymeria hurt Arya if she doesn’t remember her after all these years?

It does look like Nymeria might be making a comeback and from a book standpoint, it’s not a moment too soon. In the GoT books, Nymeria ran off as Arya had instructed her to and found her way to the Riverlands, where she ended up forming her own wolf pack and becoming the alpha in charge.

I mean, I wouldn't expect anything less of Arya’s direwolf, would you? It would appear that if Nymeria’s back on Game of Thrones, then there’s a good chance that viewers will get a look at the wolf pack she formed over the years that she was separated from the Stark family, but because Arya and Nymeria had such a strong bond before, I would venture to say that Nymeria won’t attack her once she realizes who she is. Maybe she just needs to get close enough to recognize her scent.

The idea of Arya spending Season 7 Episode 2 running away from her direwolf would certainly slow down her plan to get to King’s Landing and kill Cersei. In the books, Arya and Nymeria’s relationship is slightly different than what has been portrayed on the series. In the novels, Arya remains connected to her direwolf through dreams — something that has never happened on the show. Well, not yet, anyway.

So will Nymeria hurt Arya or will it be like the Jon Snow and Sansa reunion and collectively warm all of our hearts? If Nymeria is the leader of some super pack of wolves, Arya might be able to use that to her advantage in the fights to come, so it would be to her benefit that Nymeria’s apparent growl in the trailer for Episode 2 isn’t what we think it is.