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Your Kids (& You!) Will Love This Unicorn Toy — & The Wacky, Whimsical Message Behind It

By Rebecca Hastings

We all sing in the shower. We all make goofy faces in the mirror. We all dance when (we think) no one is watching. What if there was a toy that encouraged kids to be who they are, toot their own horn, and provide a place of all fun and no judgement? Well as it turns out, there is.

Enter: Uni-Verse, the new collectible toy line that gives kids permission to be silly, be unique, and just be themselves. Each toy is packaged in an emoji-inspired cloud that melts in water, which gives the first hint of the adventure that's to come. From there, you'll be amazed as you watch your kid's imagination take over.

Courtesy of Uni-Verse

The first glimpse your child gets into Uni-Verse is the water that changes color as the cloud dissolves. Each color represents one of seven magical unicorn worlds, so your kid will only become even more excited for the big reveal of finding out where their new friend is from.

As a mom, I love seeing how my child’s adventure with Uni-Verse unfolds. She can see the magic right before her eyes as the cloud disappears and four fun-filled pouches appear. Now, if only I could bottle the wonder in her eyes as she waits to see which unicorn she got — I would save it forever.

Courtesy of Uni-Verse

One of my daughter’s favorite Uni-Verse collectible toys to date is an adorable pink unicorn named Donutty Dottie. My daughter loved the little floating donut inside her belly! According to her, Dottie loves tasty treats, accessorizing, and thinks that playing together is "the icing on my donut." A great part about Uni-Verse is that it comes with more than just one surprise, so it keeps kids excited and engaged. And sure, while one toy may have sufficed during the toddler years, now that my daughter is school-aged it's very clear that elementary-aged kids benefit from more possibilities.

Each set comes with an extra pet friend and interchangeable accessories (in Dottie’s case an adorable donut box and bow for her tail) so kids never get bored and have endless ways to play and express their individuality. Life is better with accessories, and Uni-Verse friends come with two in every pack, so your kids can let their colors burst with all the goofy, dazzling, and imaginative choices for their unicorns. I love that this toy teaches kids to appreciate the beauty and value in differences, a lesson that I hope will extend well past playtime.

Courtesy of Uni-Verse

Uni-Verse represents every color of the rainbow: Unique, silly, creative, and quirky — all living in harmony. In the Uni-Verse, kids get to be whatever they want to be, teaching them that they can do anything they set their minds to.

The fashions are wild, the accessories amaze, and the surprise factor takes this creative toy to a whole new level.

It’s officially time to play in the clouds. Uni-Verse provides kids with endless fun, and it gives moms a chance to restore some playtime magic with a toy that teaches important lessons, which means it's a win for everyone involved.

Check out this video to see the Uni-Verse in action!

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