Your Weekly Parenting Horoscope For December 19-25

It's true: Your zodiac sign plays a part in how you can live your best life — from which sex position you should try to targeting your dream career trajectory. Romper partnered with astrologer Maressa Brown to share how every sign can put the current astrological aspects to work and enjoy even more happiness, wellness, and love every week. Here's your weekly horoscope for December 19-25.

This week is the the winter solstice, marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. It also marks the first night of Hanukkah, as well as Christmas, so you know it's going to be a magical week. But the astrological aspects are adding even more whimsy to the mix.

On Monday, Mercury — the planet of communication, technology, and transportation — begins its three-week retrograde, which usually we think of as a total pain in the butt. But it can also cause us to relive, re-experience, or re-meet people or moments from the past. And a little déjà vu can be fun, especially as we get sentimental around the holidays. Speaking of sentimental, Mars also moves into Pisces on Monday, spurring us to be a bit more passive or secretive when it comes to going after what we want, but maybe also more creative.

On Wednesday, the sun moves into Capricorn, which in general tends to represent an old-school, traditionalist energy. Between Mercury retrograde and Capricornian energy, you'll be all about showing your loved ones any beloved holiday traditions you grew up with and spending time with them.

We end the week with not one but two positive aspects between planets: on Saturday, which is also Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius create a fiery trine (the last one like this was in 2003!). Then on Sunday, Christmas Day, Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra form a peace, joy, beauty, and romance-loving trine for the third time this year. Should be a merry time indeed!

Read more below to find out what this week's forecast means for your sign.


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Around Saturday, which also happens to be Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, taskmaster Saturn in your ninth house of adventure forms a positive angle to changemaker Uranus in your sign, and a conversation with a relative could suddenly inspire you to map out how to reach a major goal (like saving money on child care or going back to school to get another degree). You may be caught off-guard by how much sense it all makes and excited to dive right in. Lay the groundwork, and you'll be on your way!


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On Monday, Mercury starts its three-week retrograde in your ninth house of higher education, so now could be the time to look into ways to brush up on skills that could advance your career. Talk it through with loved ones, and figure out the game plan that will work best with #momlife. Sure, it could be slow going at first, but if your heart is in it, you can do just about anything you desire.


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Starting on Monday, when your key planet Mercury goes retrograde in your eighth house of sexual intimacy for three weeks, you may feel like you and your partner can't help but misunderstand each other's desires. This can precipitate emotional conflict, because you're already stressed out about just trying to live and juggling all of your normal parenting duties. Do your best to be specific about what you want and come up with a way of coping, and you'll better navigate these choppy waters. If you're single, this aspect could bring a lover from the past back into the picture — for better or worse. Tread lightly, mama!


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Around Sunday, romantic Venus in your eighth house of sexual intimacy forms a positive angle to lucky Jupiter in your fourth house of home life. Sure, you have family commitments, but all you're going to be craving is Netflix time on the couch — or in bed, ideally with your partner. The bad and good news is that plenty of loved ones are probably going to be around! See if you can get your mom, sister, cousin, whoever's around to help with the little ones for a bit, and take advantage of that sexy mood. You deserve it.


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Saturday is bound to be magical, thanks to taskmaster Saturn in your fifth house of romance forming a positive angle to change-maker Uranus in your ninth house of adventure. You're accustomed to celebrating the holidays in a certain way, but something is bound to shift this time. Maybe instead of attending the family's annual Feast of Seven Fishes, latke cook-off, or your neighbor's ugly sweater party, you'll stay home with the baby and your partner for a low-key night. Whatever you do, breaking with a past tradition is not only OK, but makes for a surprisingly blissful result.


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Whether or not you've planned for it, fun and spontaneous date nights (yes, really!) are gonna be on the agenda once the confident sun lands in your fifth house of romance from Wednesday 'til January 19. Your partner could surprise you with a sitter and theater tickets over the weekend, or your best friends will plan a last-minute holiday get-together the kids and adults can enjoy (juice boxes and mommy juice all around). Going with the flow comes more naturally to boot. Enjoy, mama!


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On Sunday, when the planet of love Venus in your fifth house of romance forms a positive angle to lucky Jupiter in your sign, fulfillment of a fantasy isn't far off. This might mean a time-out from family togetherness to sneak in a quickie with your partner, deepening your commitment in an exciting way (a proposal, perhaps?), or meeting a potential S.O. out of the blue. You could realize late in the day that you've been smiling so hard your face hurts, because that's just how joyful the day should be. Awesome!


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Around Sunday, when Venus in your fourth house of home life forms a positive angle to lucky Jupiter in your twelfth house of spirituality, you crave staying close to home even more than usual. You may even want to take a time-out from holiday festivities and watching the little ones unwrap so. many. Hatchimals. to do some deep breathing or meditation. Practicing mindfulness now makes the whole experience of the day and memories of it even sweeter.


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Around Saturday, when change-making Uranus in your fifth house of romance forms a positive angle to taskmaster Saturn in your sign, in the midst of wrapping gifts, baking cookies for the first time with your kiddo, and/or watching the grandparents attempt an impromptu family photo shoot, an interaction with your partner or a potential significant other could really catch you off-guard — in the best, sexiest way. He or she could propose a date night, a vacation, or a new way of thinking about a relationship that you hadn't even considered. TBH, it sounds perfect. Go with it! Sparks are going to fly.


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You may already be frustrated if you feel like you're speaking a different language than your loved ones and colleagues on Monday, when the planet of communication Mercury starts its three-week retrograde in your sign. Instead of pushing forward, you'll do well to use this time to go back to the drawing board — whether this means revisiting an important conversation with your partner over child care budgeting for next year, or tying up loose ends on a team effort at work. Attending to previously-started projects gets you ahead now.


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While go-getter Mars is in your second house of income from Monday until January 28, putting your energy into a creative pursuit — maybe one from the past you haven't explored recently — could increase your cash flow. Whether that's crafting or coaching, go with your gut to figure out the best way to fit your new pastime into your hectic schedule. Around Sunday, you'll get encouragement from a loved one that helps a few of the moving parts fall into place.


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You'll get a burst of energy that makes you feel even more creative than usual, thanks to go-getter Mars in your sign from Monday until January 28. But your tendency may be to keep your feelings about this on the down-low, because you don't want to be judged or be afraid you won't succeed. Even if you have to take it slow, now's the time to believe in yourself. Your partner and your kids will be in awe of how you chase your dream!