6 Parenting Upgrades That Are Actually The Best

A few years into my experience as a mom, I can say with certainty that the only constant in this whole motherhood gig is... well, change. My two sons continuously keep me on my toes, and we’re always learning, growing, pivoting, and hanging on tight for whatever comes next. But luckily in the midst of constant flux is a glorious gift that keeps on giving: the parenting upgrade. I’m talking about the perma-changes that make life easier, smoother, and sometimes more delicious.

To celebrate the constant transition to bigger and better things, Romper teamed up with Tillamook County Creamery Association to bring you some of the most satisfying parenting upgrades ever. They’re all about upgrading your life with more delicious cream cheese spreads, cheese, ice cream, and more. And actually, they believe this so much so that they’re launching a Cream Cheese Break-up Hotline to help you say goodbye to boring, bland spreads and hello to a new boost of flavor for the whole family to love. I call that a parenting win-win.

Check out my favorite upgrades below, and then have some fun by calling the hotline (just dial 844-SAY-GBYE) to celebrate the beauty of breaking up with your old cream cheese and making room in your life for the newer, better, tastier Tillamook® Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spreads. Whether you’re looking forward to these upgrades or can remember them well, one thing’s for sure: there are always more right around the corner. Pinky swear.

1. Saying “See You Never” To Sleepless Nights

Adapting to a brand new life with little to no sleep those first few months (or years) is rough. Running on empty becomes a way of life, always sleeping with one ear open, adjusting to varying sleep schedules, and resting as much as possible to do it all over again. Whenever your little one blesses you with slumber-filled nights, you’ll never look back.

2. Trading High Chairs For Real Chairs

This one’s a little bittersweet as it’s a definite marker of time passing, but I’m willing to bet you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with offering your little one an actual seat at the table. You won’t miss all of the spit-up and spills that come with the “learning to eat and digest” territory, and you definitely won’t miss the bibs, burp cloths, and never-ending high-chair cleanups. Mealtimes become less of a mess, and any time that’s the case with kiddos at home, it’s a welcomed occurrence.

3. Kicking “That’s What I Grew Up With” To The Curb

Many of us are guilty of buying the same old products without stopping to weigh our options. I took my blinders off when a friend hosted me for breakfast and served my very favorite — New York deli bagels with cream cheese. But hold up — this cream cheese was flavorful and rich, and come to find out, it was made with only the best ingredients and none of the things you don’t want, like gums, fillers, preservatives, or anything fake. More than a little grossed out that my old cream cheese standby wasn’t real cheese (live and learn), Tillamook’s spreads made me rethink my routine product choices, read labels, review my options, and start leveling up for myself and my family. (Psst: Considering a cream cheese upgrade yourself? Try the Cream Cheese Break-up Hotline — and cream cheese spreads made with only the good stuff — for yourself.)

4. Leaving Tough Transitional Phases Behind

Every parent can attest to the fact that there are certain ages, stages, and phases that are better left in the past, and moving on from them is a definite upgrade! I’m talking about those “everything’s a meltdown” spells, “I put everything I touch in my mouth” stints, and “I’m going to cry at daycare dropoff every. single. day” stretches. They may feel like they last forever, but they don’t, and you won’t be sad to see them go.

5. Saying Hello To Actual Undies

This might be the most satisfying parenting upgrade ever. For one thing, diapers are expensive, and they’re a serious parenting expenditure. They also require toting around their own special, well-stocked bag wherever you go, and tending to changes both day and night. Saying goodbye to leaks, diaper rash, stinky pails, and everything that comes along with this fleeting stage of your little one’s life is celebration-worthy. And they’ll love choosing their very own undies. Just wait!

6. Making The Boost After Car Seats

You may not be dreaming of the day that your child hits the requirements to move from an infant carrier and toddler car seat to their very own booster seat, but believe me, you should be! I have special memories of holding my oldest’s hand and my youngest’s infant carrier seat across an icy daycare parking lot in the dead of winter. And by special I mean terrifying. You won’t miss carting that thing around a single bit, nor will you miss taking off your littles’ winter jackets to properly buckle them into their car seat while running the risk of pinching their delicate skin in the process. When you move to a booster seat, you’re moving into a much easier car routine for everyone involved.

See? I told ya you’d soon be on to bigger and better things! Remember, some upgrades don’t require the waiting game. Let Tillamook products upgrade your life — starting now — with more tastier dairy options, and call their hotline to celebrate your cream cheese breakup. And remember: New doesn’t have to be scary… sometimes it can be better!