Abigail Wise

Abigail Wise is a journalist, author and marketing specialist, who spends most of her time outside. Her work has been published all over, including in Reader's Digest, NBCNews.com and PopSci.com. She holds a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University. When Abigail's not typing away, she's taking new fitness classes, running or road tripping around the country with her dog, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and camping.
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A New Tampon Could Change Pregnancy Health Forever

You’ve heard of smartphones and smartwatches, but now Harvard engineer Ridhi Tariyal is developing a smart tampon with her partner, former Harvard researcher Stephen Gire. With the blood from your used tampon, Tariyal's startup, NextGen Jane, hopes t…
By Abigail Wise

Moms Weigh In On Taking ADHD Meds During Pregnancy

When Julie Anderson*, 35 years old, learned that she was 10 weeks pregnant, she found herself grappling with a conundrum. She had taken medication to control her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for years, but now that she knew she was…
By Abigail Wise

Why Are We So Obsessed With French Moms?

If you picture a French mom, you probably imagine a woman who looks like a young Catherine Deneuve pushing her sleeping baby in a stroller down a narrow, cobblestone street. She's wearing bright red lipstick, a tight black dress, big sunglasses, and,…
By Abigail Wise

Here's What It's Really Like To Be A Refugee Mom — & Here's What You Can Do To Help

Presidential elect Donald Trump scares immigrants and people of color for many well-documented reasons. He has famously pledged to "build a wall" to keep Mexican immigrants out of the United States. He's hinted at the possibility of forcing all Musli…
By Abigail Wise

The Rise, Fall, & Rebirth Of D.A.R.E. In Schools Across The Country

Maybe you remember Daren the lion in his tight black T-shirt. Or maybe you have flashbacks of dutifully turning down drug offers from your local police officer, reciting a line from the script you jotted down in your Lisa Frank notebook. If you’re a …
By Abigail Wise

Why Is Breastfeeding Such A Big Deal? Its History Reveals Why It's Such An Important Issue

As a society, Americans are forever changing their take on breastfeeding. No matter what, trying to to explain why breastfeeding is such a big deal in our country, especially, is met with so much indignation on every side — regardless of whether you'…
By Abigail Wise

These 4 Nomadic Moms Feel Good Parenting Doesn't Depend On A Traditional Home

White picket fences, backyard swing sets, and chocolate chip cookies served fresh from the oven isn’t the backbone of good parenting. For some, a worldly education and a strong community are more important to raising smart, successful kids. That’s wh…
By Abigail Wise