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Alex Hazlett writes about tech and parenting for Romper. She is a freelance journalist based in New York who covers technology and family life. Previously, she was the Director of Special Projects at Mashable.

Alex Hazlett

Pandemic Parenting

Masking Rollbacks May Create More Disruptions For Our Kids, Experts Say

What happens in schools when mask mandates are lifted?

Pandemic Parenting

Should We Worry About Taking Our Kids To The ER During Covid?

Hospitals are overwhelmed — and they’re hotspots of Covid infection. Does that mean you should avoid activities that might land you in an ER?


Are You (And Your Kids) Using The Right Mask To Prevent Covid-19?

As we head into our second pandemic winter, should you still be using the same cloth mask you bought in 2020?


Will Every Runny Nose Be Treated As Covid In School This Year?

Will every sniffle and couch be treated as Covid until proven otherwise?

Delta Variant

Is It Possible To Convince Unvaccinated Family Members To Get Their Shot?

With the Delta variant of Covid causing a surge in new cases, it’s more important than ever for everyone to get vaccinated.

Pandemic Parenting

Parents: Welcome To Decision Fatigue Summer

We have entered the maddening risk calculus phase of the pandemic — and the mental load is huge.

Family Dynamics

How Parents Can Negotiate With Kids More Effectively, According to Experts

You’re not imagining things: The pandemic has made parent-child negotiation more intense. Experts share their tips for easing the tension.


So You've Hit The Pandemic Wall (Again). Now What?

Under difficult and prolonged circumstances, we’re being asked to be our very best selves. For many of us, it’s not going well.

Screen Time

How to Stop Doomscrolling and Enjoy Social Media Again

Social media algorithms are designed to suck you in and keep you scrolling. But you can break the cycle and have a healthier relationship with your phone.

Screen Time

Let 2021 Be The Year You Let Go Of Screen Time Guilt

The experts say stop sweating it. Seriously.