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The L.A. School Bomb Threat Endangered The Most Important Thing Of All

I live in walking distance from an elementary school in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. I live close enough to the school that during recess, if my daughter and I are outside, we can hear the happy sounds and delighted screams of children playing. Many m…
By Amber Rothwell

I'm Breastfeeding With Large Breasts, & Here's How Nursing My Daughter Has Changed How I View My Body

The transformation from woman to mother has been similar to the transformation of my body, particularly my breasts, from pre-pregnancy to breastfeeding. It’s been a change I cannot control, and my acceptance of my new, evolving body is similar to my …
By Amber Rothwell

My Birth Plan Fell Apart, & Here's What It’s Like When Your Labor & Delivery Don't Go The Way You Want Them To

I wanted a home birth or a birth in a birthing center. I wanted a midwife. I wanted low light and birthing balls. I wanted a birth plan I was in control of. I wanted to steer a ship I commandeered. I wanted a real bed that didn’t have any beeping con…
By Amber Rothwell