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I Was A Victim Of Stealthing — Twice

The term “stealthing”," which describes the act of non-consensual condom removal during sex, has been making headlines recently after a paper in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law went viral. In the paper, Yale Law School student Alexandra Brodsk…
By Anonymous

Celeste's Abuse On 'Big Little Lies' Mirrors My Own

Celeste Wright (played by Nicole Kidman) on Big Little Lies has had a dilemma throughout the HBO miniseries: whether or not to leave her physically abusive husband, Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård). The portrayal of an abusive relationship on Big L…
By Anonymous

I Smoked Pot During My Pregnancy

Our friend was desperate. He showed up at our house and started pleading. His wife had hyperemesis gravidarum (uncontrollable vomiting during pregnancy), he said. She couldn’t keep food down. She was depressed. Could we please, please, please give he…
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I’m An Undocumented Single Mother, & “The American Dream” Is Not What I Thought

As told to Dara Pettinelli: It was not my choice to come to America. I never planned to become an undocumented, single mother. I had my whole life planned out in Mexico. All my friends and family were there. I was doing well in school. We left becaus…
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The One Thing That Made Me Question My Sexuality After 12 Years Of Marriage

I’ve been with my partner for 12 years. He’s a white cisgender man. I’m a white cisgender woman. We’re monogamous. We’re married. We’re so very typical and privileged. I’m very happy in our partnership and I wouldn’t change a thing, but a few years i…
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