Brittany L. Stalsburg

Brittany is a Democratic pollster, market researcher, and communications strategist. She holds a PhD in political science from Rutgers University. She is the creator of the feminist blog Women Want To Be On Top and is the author of the book 52 Reasons to Vote For Hillary. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their starter child, Candy the cat. Brittany is a politics junkie and prosecco enthusiast--in roughly equal parts.
Recent Articles

Truth Is, Quitting Smoking To Start A Family Is Really Hard

Ninety days have passed since I smoked my last cigarette. Even though I was happy — relieved to finally be quitting for good — I still inhaled every last smell and savored the taste till the ember burned out. I love cigarettes more than a lot of thin…
By Brittany L. Stalsburg

5 Facts About "Mother Candidates," After Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy so far has been historic. Clinton has spent her life knocking down barriers to get to where she is today, and people of all political persuasions can agree that her trailblazing is an inspiration to women and girls the wor…
By Brittany L. Stalsburg