Cat Bowen

Cat Bowen (she/her) is a lifestyle writer at Romper, covering everything from breastfeeding and sexual health to special needs parenting. In addition, she writes about beauty, food, nutrition, and loves to pen product reviews, especially when it comes to the best goodies at Costco, Target, and Trader Joe's. Before coming to Romper, Cat published a popular recipe and book blog as well as doing stints in the health and fitness writing industry. She also spent time in commerce writing, creating content for companies like Silk, Reebok, and 91 Cellars. Cat studied Nursing at The College of Staten Island, and earned her degree in English from Brooklyn College. She is currently enrolled in graduate school at the City University of New York, Graduate Center, where she serves on multiple boards. When Cat isn't writing or studying, you can find her at the park, reading a good book or catching up on politics while her kids play, or running along the bay in Brooklyn, New York. She also loves spending time creating fun and healthy meals for her family. She can be found on Twitter at
Cat Bowen

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