Chrissy Bobic

Chrissy Bobic is a TV writer at Romper, where she covers pretty much anything, from The Bachelor to The Handmaid's Tale. She also writes from a parenting perspective on features and covers some monthly Netflix releases. Chrissy's work has also been featured on The Bolde and Screen Rant. She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism and promotional communications from Cleveland State University and wouldn't trade her years of hard work for anything. Other then maybe some legitimate student loan forgiveness, because that would be kind of amazing. On any given weekend, you can find Chrissy engulfed in her son's Lego collection or discovering a new hiking trail so she can justify gorging herself on pizza from time to time. She also knows her way around a good true crime podcast, which can sometimes make those solo hikes a little sketchy. You can follow her on Twitter @ChrissyBobic or on Instagram @ChrissyBobic.