Christine Stoddard

Scottish-Salvadoran-American Washingtonian turned Brooklynite. Founding editor of Quail Bell Magazine. One of Folio Magazine's Top 20 Media Visionaries in their 20s. Fiction writer, poet, and artist featured in the New York Transit Museum, The Feminist Wire, the Poe Museum, The Hispanic Culture Review, Cosmopolitan, The Southeast Review, the Ground Zero Museum, Jimson Weed, The Tulane Review, and beyond. Author of the book Hispanic and Latino Heritage in Virginia (The History Press, 2016.)
Recent Articles

4 Things To Know Before Talking To A Child About Suicide

Three days before Halloween, I weathered the chilly walk from my locker to the temporary trailer where my sixth-grade homeroom and history classes took place. Once the last of my classmates settled into his seat, our teacher stood before us with an u…
By Christine Stoddard

What It's Like To Be A Muslim Mom In The U.S. Right Now

After the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 and left hundreds more wounded, the U.S. has seen an ugly flare-up in Islamophobia, with politicians calling for a ban on Syrian refugees and mosques falling victim to vandalism. If listening to C-SPAN …
By Christine Stoddard