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Freelance writer and editor raising my son with my grad student husband. Runner, eater, reader, coffee drinker in the meantime.
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Harper Lee's Characters Were Flawed & That Made All The Difference To Me

Pulitzer Prize winner and sayer of hard truths, Nelle Harper Lee, died earlier today, and the characters she created and brought to life are in my mind now more than ever. Mixed in with the universal truths Lee shared with us, she gave us characters …
By Devin Kate Pope

Why I'm Not Going To Treat My Son Like He's Special

Close your eyes and count to one. In that one second, 6,000 tweets were sent, 400 Instagram photos were uploaded, and 1,000 Tumblr entries were posted. Those posts come from me ... and the 3.17 billion other internet users across the world. It’s hard…
By Devin Kate Pope

I Stopped Telling My Kid To "Be Careful" For A Week & This Is What I Learned

One day, my son Henry flipped over the back of the couch and landed in a pile of stuffed animals. From 10 feet away, fiery hot anxiety coursed through my veins. But then he popped right up, cried a little, came running over to me, and I comforted him…
By Devin Kate Pope

10 Things Only Moms Living In College Towns Understand

When I moved to Pullman, WA, for my husband’s graduate program, I wasn’t too worried. I'd lived in small towns before and knew that there would be both good and bad to exploring life in a city aimed at college students. Two and a half years later, I'…
By Devin Kate Pope

I Took Parenting Cues From 'Huckleberry Finn,' & Here's How It Went

Throughout my childhood, characters from books lead me out into the world and showed me who I wanted (or didn’t want) to be when I was older. Now that I’m parenting my own little one, I don’t often have the chance to read my favorite childhood books.…
By Devin Kate Pope

I Don't Know Where I Fit In As A Mom, Even Though My Kid Is 1

I became a mother the day I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t drink this vodka soda because maybe I’m pregnant.” Motherhood enveloped me like a thick fog, seeping through my pores. It went deep into my soul, shifting my life, throwing everything up into th…
By Devin Kate Pope

Having A Baby Helped Me Find Myself

Avoid slipping on the ice, lock the car, pull the scarf up, remember the security code: it all went through my mind in the 30 seconds it took to walk from my car into the radio station, where I worked at the time. It was always pitch black and windy …
By Devin Kate Pope