Jacqueline Burt Cote

Jacqueline is a Contributing Lifestyle Editor at Romper. She covers a wide range of topics including everything from hot-button parenting issues to the latest in baby gear to fashion & beauty trends to health, wellness, astrology, and more. Her work has appeared in such print and online publications as Parents, Parenting, Pregnancy, American Baby, Bon Appetit, Details, Time Out New York Kids, Mommyish, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, Salon, and many others. She was a staff writer at CafeMom's The Stir, and has appeared on such TV/web programs as Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, and HuffPost Live. She is also the author of the bestselling "Fast and Fresh Baby Food Cookbook: 120 Ridiculously Simple and Naturally Wholesome Baby Food Recipes." Jacqueline is the mother of three children ranging in age from 4 to 18 years. She lives with her family in Greenwich, CT, where her hobbies include putting off housework, staring into space whilst trying to remember what's next on her to-do list, and other things that she can't bring to mind at the moment. She can be reached at contributingeditor@bustle.com and is on Twitter @WWLD_jburt.