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Moms Are Totally Abandoned Under The 6-Week Checkup Model Of Care

Christen Clifford has given birth twice — and her vagina has torn badly, in the same place, twice. At both of her 6-week postpartum checkups, she was told that she was "fine." But Clifford wasn’t fine: She started to experience debilitating, painful …
By Jenna Flannigan

Here's What Med Students Actually Learn About Pregnancy — And What They Don't

By the time a pregnant woman has her baby, she is likely to have become a partial expert in topics like c-section interventions, preeclampsia, analgesia, episiotomies, skin-to-skin contact, cervical effacement, hep-locks, caffeine consumption, and th…
By Jenna Flannigan

What It’s Like To Give Birth On New Year’s Eve

The question for Charlotte Potticary this New Year's Eve is whether to go to a party... or bank on the hospital. Potticary, a Canadian, is pregnant with her first child, and due shortly before New Year's. “There’s a definite possibility it will be a …
By Jenna Flannigan