Kaitlin Kimont

Kaitlin Kimont is the News & Entertainment Editor at Romper. Joining Romper's News team in 2016, she's covered topics ranging from the presidential election and political news, reproductive health care and immigration rights, as well as scientific studies. She also covers viral entertainment news, including celebrity baby news and the latest happenings in the royal family. Kaitlin's other bylines have appeared in various travel outlets, such as The Culture Trip and Pink Pangea, as well as print publications, including the National Catholic Reporter. Before settling down in New York City, she spent three years living in Bangkok, Thailand, where she taught English, traveled all across Southeast Asia, and built up an impressive tolerance for spicy food. In 2011, she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Dominican University. When Kaitlin is not bringing Romper readers the latest in parenting news, she enjoys cooking, exploring new travel destinations, hiking, and getting sucked into the latest Netflix craze. You can follow Kaitlin on Twitter at @KaitlinKimont and reach her by email at kaitlin.kimont@bustle.com