Katelyn Burns

Katelyn Burns is a freelance writer and trans woman. She lives in Maine with her two young daughters. You can find her on Twitter @transscribe.
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What It's Like To Raise A Trans Boy In 2017

“I was a tomboy,” Bennett Wallace says while looking at photos from his youth. In most of the images, he has short hair and wears boys' clothes. The photos were taken before Bennett hit puberty, when he struggled with the natural changes that his bod…
By Katelyn Burns

Why It's So Hard For Me To Make Mom Friends

I tugged at the hem of my skirt and flicked the synthetic hair from my wig out of my face. It was my first time picking up my oldest child from school since I'd transitioned, and I was a bundle of nerves. The long glances and second looks I was getti…
By Katelyn Burns

I'm A Trans Parent, & Mother's Day Is Tough For Me

We were in a crowded ladies' room on Halloween when the zipper on on my 7-year-old daughter’s cat costume got stuck. “DADDY!!!!," she screamed, nearly in tears. Almost immediately, I could feel strangers' faces snap around to focus on me and my face,…
By Katelyn Burns

I'm A Trans Mom, & This Was My Style Journey

I stood in the cereal aisle over my 7-year-old, who had picked that moment to start throwing a tantrum. Everyone’s gaze was first drawn to my child, but it quickly shot back to me. My eyeliner was winged. My eyeshadow was impeccable. I had just the r…
By Katelyn Burns