Kelley Gardiner

Kelley is the mom of a toddler, the author of Roller Derby for Beginners, a vegetarian blogger, and a friend of manatees.
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The One Reason Why I Love My Stretch Marks So Much

I love my stretch marks. People liken them to a badge of honor during pregnancy (and after) — a reminder of what their body was able to accomplish. For me, they’re the embodiment of a miracle. They're a warm memory of a physical connection to my 2 ye…
By Kelley Gardiner

I Stopped Gendering My Kid's Toys & Here's What Happened

I had a baby, and then in the blink of an eye, a toddler, and after a while I began to notice that all my son's trucks and cars become “guys.” He'd call them the "guys," and so my partner and I did too. All the little people and animals were male unl…
By Kelley Gardiner

I Asked Friends Without Kids For Parenting Advice & This Is What They Said

After I gave birth to my son, I noticed that several of my friends proudly fell into one of two camps: They either wanted kids, or they Certainly Do Not, Thank You Very Much. I always knew that I wanted a kid or two, and I have one: a 2-year-old boy …
By Kelley Gardiner

I Gave Up Dairy For 2 Weeks, & Here's What Happened To My Skin

In 2013, someone published a study meant to ruin each and every life on the planet earth. The study showed a link between dairy and acne. Almost immediately, essay after essay on giving up dairy to help your skin appeared, and it was like everything …
By Kelley Gardiner

I Hid Fruits & Veggies In My Toddler's Meals For A Week, & This Is What Happened

I never thought I’d be That Mom. You know the one. Before I had a kid (I see you laughing already), I thought my children would grow up eating vegetables, and therefore love them. Boom. That easy. All you need to do, logic and some carefully selected…
By Kelley Gardiner

I'm A Vegetarian, But I Love Thanksgiving

Make fun of me all you want: I’m a vegetarian, and I get down on Thanksgiving. Laugh at my rolls stuffed with cheese and cranberry sauce. Turn your nose up at the salad I brought — that’s just more for my gullet. Jokingly offer me a leg or a drumstic…
By Kelley Gardiner

Picking A Baby Name Is Hard, So That's Why We Waited To Meet Baby Before We Made A Choice

We didn’t have a name picked out for our son when we went to the hospital, and we were only a little bit stressed out about it. No one tells you that picking a baby name is hard, even though they tell you all about the names you should pick and the o…
By Kelley Gardiner

I Made Plans With Friends Every Day For A Week, & This Is What I Learned

I’ve found myself hearing and saying the same thing over and over again in the two years that I’ve been a parent: It’s hard to find time with friends once you’ve had kids. As an admitted introvert, it’s easier to just do my own thing, though life is …
By Kelley Gardiner