Kristen Cervantes

Kristen (Krissy) is a writer, editor, mommy to her daughter and dogs, wife, bargain wine enthusiast and shopaholic. She resides in sunny Southern California. Krissy splits her time between work, spending time with her family and raising a confident and strong-willed girl who is growing up way too fast. She has been published in newspapers and magazines, but her passion is writing pieces that resonate with other moms. Feel free to reach her at
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How Other Moms Feel When You Brag About Milestones

My daughter didn't walk until she was about 15 to 16 months old. I remember constantly hearing from friends and family, "Oh, she isn't walking yet?" Like it was some type of race for her to grow up. "No, she is standing and holding things, but she is…
By Kristen Cervantes

I Didn’t Realize My Toddler Had Nursemaid's Elbow, & It Was Scary AF

My daughter is turning 6 this year and I can still remember the pure terror I felt that random day back when she was 2 that started just like any other. My daughter was sitting in her tiny chair that fit perfectly with our coffee table. My husband an…
By Kristen Cervantes

My Daughter's Fears Make Me Feel Helpless Because I Can't "Fix" Them For Her

It is over 90 degrees out, the kind of heat that warps your skin. I splash my face and feel a moment of cool, but my daughter is shivering in her bathing suit. Toeing the edge of the pool while the rest of the swim class splashes and screams happily …
By Kristen Cervantes

I Got My First Tattoo After Becoming A Mom, & That Might Actually Be The Best Time

The main objection to tattoos you hear is, "But you're going to be stuck with that for life!" Which is a pretty hilarious thing to tell a mom, because, you know, we have made people inside us. We're pretty OK with life changes. Still, getting a tatto…
By Kristen Cervantes

Dear NICU Mom: Miracles Happen Here

Dear mom with a baby in the NICU, I know the panic is setting in. The beeping sounds of machines and the chatter of the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are filling your ears. All you see are the tiniest of helpless babies, one of wh…
By Kristen Cervantes

What I'm Thinking When You Ask Me, "Is She Yours?"

My daughter has the most beautiful tan skin. She gets it from my husband, who is Hispanic and Native American. She has long, wavy dark brown hair that has a hint of auburn in the sunlight. Her big brown eyes are always filled with excitement. I am Ca…
By Kristen Cervantes

To The Mom With Low Supply: I See You

Dear moms with low supply, When I was pregnant with my first and only child, I was excited to breastfeed. From what I had read and heard, breastfeeding was the most beneficial option. I thought, “Of course I want my child to be healthy, immune to ill…
By Kristen Cervantes

I'm A "One & Done" Mom

I sat in the waiting room at my husband’s doctor’s office. I was a bundle of nerves. I tried keeping myself occupied by scrolling through Facebook on my phone, and when that didn’t help, I buried my head in an issue of Vogue. After what felt like hou…
By Kristen Cervantes