Lindsay E. Mack

Lindsay Mack is a lifestyle writer at Romper who covers health, relationship, and pop culture topics. She writes about everything from sleep hygiene and sun safety to tattoo and beauty trends. By interviewing experts in a variety of fields, she helps provide the most up-to-date and accurate health reporting for Romper’s readers. With over 10 years of professional experience as a writer and editor, Lindsay has worked for a variety of print and online publications, covering everything from financial topics to podcast recommendations. She currently creates health and pop culture content for INSIDER, including stories about mindfulness and edible bugs. Lastly, her monthly column in St. Charles Avenue Magazine celebrates individuals who work to better the city of New Orleans. She holds a BA in English from Loyola University New Orleans, as well as an MBA from the University of New Orleans. Lindsay lives in New Orleans with her husband and probably too many cats. She’s a mediocre triathlete and fan of the local dance community. You just might see her dancing down the street during Chewbacchus, the city’s geekiest Mardi Gras parade. Lindsay’s portfolio is available at

7 Exaggerated Old Wives Tales About Your Health That Should Be Stopped

Are you still a little worried about catching the flu from a vaccine, or venturing out into the sun without a base tan? You're far from alone. Plenty of old wives tales about your health are still very common. However, sometimes this folk wisdom is…
By Lindsay E. Mack