Madison Young

Madison is a published author, feminist pornographer, certified sex educator and body based performance artist who is currently touring the country with her one woman show Reveal All Fear Nothing. Originally from Southern Ohio, Young has travelled the world speaking at universities and conferences on the topic of feminism and sexuality. Outside of work she loves tree climbing, puddle splashing, curling up with a book, and raising her radical mini-feministas.
Recent Articles

Why Are We So Weird About Letting Other Moms Breastfeed Our Babies?

When my second child was born, my heart cracked open and my breasts did what they needed to do, providing colostrum for my hungry newborn baby. But upon our two-week checkup, my pediatrician told me that my child, Maple, was dropping in weight and we…
By Madison Young

These Millennial Parents Are Taking Gender-Neutral Parenting To An Entirely New Level

A woman on the subway looks at my bulbous shape and asks, “What are you having?” I take a deep breath and throw a glance to my 5-year-old. “I’m having a baby,” I say to the woman. “No, no” the woman says laughing as she pushes further. “Are you havin…
By Madison Young

Is Your 4-Year-Old Learning About Racial Justice At Story Time? These Kids Are

While other kids are singing along to The Wiggles in pre-school classrooms, Debra Guckenheimer is attending "Racial Justice Story Time" at the Oakland Public Library with her 4-year-old. Children file into the intimate library meeting room, cuddling …
By Madison Young

When Do You Plan On Having “The Talk”? Subtract 5 Years

I sit down to my computer and reading an email that I feel like I have gotten a dozen times as a sex educator and relationship coach. A mom has received an email from her child’s principal informing her that one of the other children showed her 7-ye…
By Madison Young

I Consulted 3 Witches About Childbirth & It Was Actually Kind Of Helpful

I sit before her, a woman who self identifies as a magikal mama and witch, and she tells me that while there are spells out there to “sway the sex” of the baby, “I am not so sure I myself would do so.” I hang on her words. There is an innate wisdom a…
By Madison Young

Can Childbirth Be Sexual? These Women Think So

It was the night before the harvest moon that appears every September. I was 38 weeks pregnant, my large pregnant belly as round and full as the glowing satellite in the sky. I had just slipped into bed with my husband when I felt a large gush of flu…
By Madison Young

Moms Like Me Work In Porn, & We Deserve Support

After I started to show early in my second trimester, the work available to me as an adult performer trickled off. I compensated by teaching more sexuality workshops, directing erotic films, and performing on webcam, but it was clear to me that despi…
By Madison Young