Mishal Ali Zafar

Mishal Ali Zafar is a TV writer at Romper, where she writes about everything from CW shows like Riverdale and Legacies, to Hulu series like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock. She also covers breaking celebrity news and events, true crime specials, and reality TV, and offers her diverse perspective on cultural issues. Mishal’s work has also been featured in Daily Pakistan, Agents of Geek, and Politics Means Politics. Some of her pieces have been shared by celebrities like Tori Spelling and she’s landed exclusive interviews with notable Hollywood names, including Riverdale actress Marisol Nichols and New York Times bestselling author, Rosalind Wiseman. She earned her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology. When Mishal is not writing about TV, she enjoys spending time with her family on Long Island. She’s passionate about women’s rights, and volunteers to help elevate discourse in Chicago's Pakistani Muslim community. You can follow Mishal on Twitter at @mishalian.

Mishal Ali Zafar


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